Creating a new Navarr character

So, I was asked on facebook about creating a new navarr characters.
Thought I’d share it here

Creating a new Navarri
Let’s face it, the wiki is big and people don’t want to have to read it all. So here are some of my key points on creating a navarr character for the first time.
Seriously, if you’re a new player, don’t worry about skills to much. You don’t have to spend all your points at first, and if you chose wrong then mail pd after your first evnet and ask to change them. Let’s face it, you can’t powergame it, and it’ll probably come down to what you want to play, what weaposn you have, which coven you join etc. Concentrate on concept, not on skills.

Question One: Steading or Striding
This is probably the defining nature of a Navarri character. There is no god or bad about them, but it is their lifestyle choice for the moment.
A striding walks the trods (the magical ley lines of spring energy that by walking helps draw power from the Vallorn)
They have a purely nomadic culture and constantly walk, for ritual purporses. Some stridings will walk through the darkest more dangerous places, others will walk trade routes and deal with people as they meet them. Neither is better than the other, but it will affect the type of character you play. In a book or film, a dark and edgy introvert may be a cool character… in LRP isn’t not so cool. If you’re dark and edgy and keep to yourself and hate people… um… people won’t speak to you. This is a social hobby.
A steading is a static community. These are often Wayhouses that help the wanderers on teh trods. But also walled towns or outposts in the most remote areas, or trading hubs on the borders of many nations. Again, it’s not better or worse than a striding and if you want to be a isolationist in the wilds, then you could be in an outpost on the border of Vallorn territory which fights against husks and ettercaps every day to survive.

Question Two: Which Territory do you come from
Territory makes a difference. Now, you could have joined navarr from another nation, but most Navarri were brought up in one of the 5 territories. 3 of which are Imperial held.
Think about your kit, and your outlook when you chose where you’re from.

This is the centre of the Navrri nation. It is full of lush forests and is the only territoy without a Vallorn. The Navarr from here may be intersted in history (since there is the ruins of the ancient civvilisation) or they are good a trade, craft, and the equivalent. Herbs and Forests are ripe here. The Navarr from Miaren have less of a surivalist outlook, and therefore breed good politicians, thinkers and the alike - due to the nature of the area.

The cold and brutal forests of Hercynia are ones of Hardship. This is a place where the hardiest Navarr are from. They are used to scant resources and having to make do with what they can. The coldness of the area means that people of it have to work hard and do with little. They tend to be the bluntest on the Navarr and have less time for niceities than some of the other areas.

The swamps of therunin are known for their foul monsters and trechurous terrain. Although the Vallorn is in the area, it is the creatures of Terunin that are the issue. Therunin breeds cunning fighters and people who are good at surviving and hiding. They are used to creatures who use poison and combat them regularly.
PLOT: A large group of Foreign Orcs from the Barrens were recently in Theruinin in the Lower Tarn Valley. They have recenty started leaving, but it is possible that you have an interest in what they are up to.

The largest known Vallorn, and the heart of the Teruniel Empire. There is only one safe area in the vallorn controlled areas of Broceliende - The Brock - the rest of the area is too perilous to travel for more than a day. To the east are the two Navarr controlled areas. Boar’s Dell and Elereal. It is here that most of the trade in the area happens.…/Brocéliande

Liathaven was invaded about 30 years ago by the Jotun Orcs. It is a dark and thick forest with dangerous creatures and split down the middle by the Vallorn. The Jotun held the north side and the Navarr the south. In the last few years the Navarr fought back against hte Jotun, using fear tactcis to scare off the ORcs. This worked to a part, and they did great damage to the orc armies. They also enlarged this army with the people of Liathaven. The Orcs retalisated moving in large amounts of troops and killing / and torturing anyone of fighting age or above. Only the children were spared and they were taken as Thralls.
PLOT: There are now no people left in Liathaven other than the Army annd PCs. If you were from Liathaven, being refugees travelling to Anvil would be a good introduction… or having joined up with the Black Thorns (Navarr army) to leave the area.

Question Three: Which of the Archetypes do you want to play
You don’t need to have a set archetype, but it helps you get into character. They are also set roles in society and people will include these people and seek them out. Each one has it’s own oath and this oath alters what they do day to day. It is rare for people to have sworn more than one oath other than the Brand Oath. These are things you have dedicated your life too - and it’s har to dedicate to multiple things well. People who have sworn multiple are often mediocre at them all.

Taking a Brand is a serious understaking. The Brand’s are the leaders of the nations. They have taken an oath to lead and be responsbile for others in the nation. Be that their striding/steading or whether that is for the whole of Navarr. A Brand is a selfless task, they have dedicated themselves to the people they protect/serve.
The Brand’s Council meets to discuss things within the nation. BRands often have sworn a second oath, normally the Thorn or Vate oath

The Thorns are the warriors of the nation. Be that fighters or battle mages. They have sworn an oath to always be ready to rpotect the people and the community. The Thorns are the ones who will tkae the major role in battle, who will advice teh generals and fight to protect. Again, it is about giving your life to protect others, not looking for personal glory.

Vates are those who have sworn an oath to use their magic selflessly. The Vates are the only people in the nation who are considered learned enough to deal with Eternals. Vates are often ritual magicians since these are the ones that need to deal with Eternals the most. It is rare to fight a Vate who has not mastered the ability to heal in some way.
Non-Vates should not deal with Eternals (or heralds) without the guidance of a Vate. The use of ritual magic by non vates is also frowned upon.…/Navarr_magical_tradit…

Guides are the priests in the nation. Some of them have congregrations and have a seat on the national assembly of the synod. But others just make sure they they actively guide people. Generally a guide will follow one of the virtues (it is normally only politically active guides who will follow the Way as a whole) annd people will seek them out when they wish advice. A good guide is one that find people who need their advice and lets them know what to do to find their place in teh Great Dance.…/Navarr_religious_beli…

A broker is not an oath, but they are a known role in the nation. Brokers do what they can to get money and / or resources and are the best traders in the nation. Brokers often show their prosperity by trying to provide for others and a Broker who has sworn the Brand oath would do just that.…/Navarr_economic_inter…

There are a lot of herbalists and chirigun’s in the nation and many dedicate their lives to healing the sick or just healing those who need their support in battle. It is important to make sure that people are protected for the Navarri life style is not an easy one.

Question Four: Are you human or do you have any Lineage
You can have a lineage, or be human.
You cannot be a Navarri Orc. The Navarr have very little prejudice against most lineage so knock yourself out.

Briars: Don’t play a briar if you want political power in Navarr, or if you want an easy ride. The majority of Navarr do not trust Briars, they do not hate them or want them dead normally, but they are too close to Spring magic and should they die in a Vallorn area they can become Dryads, horrible creatures that kill many of the Navarri people. There are many emotions that people show to Briars… pity, hatred, fear… It is not the easy option to play.
Also, don’t feel bad with this attitude to briars. People playing briars have made this decision to play one in the Navarr. If you’re nice to them, then you are actually ruining their roleplay.

Question 5: What skills should I take?

Okay, so this is totally up to personal choice. But this is what I would think.

  1. Do you want to take part in the battles / skrimishes.
  2. What do I want to do in Anvil?

Question 5a: What skills should i take for the battlefield?

Skills, really don’t matter too much.
Anyone can wear armour,
Anyone can use a buckler
Anyone can use a one-handed weapon
Anyone can roleplay being a guide and give advice
Anyone can be a broker and deal with money

However, the Empire game is in two part. On the battlefield/skirmish area and in Anvil. I would want to have stuff to do in both bits. You don’t need skills to do this but it helps.

On the the Battlefield

Weaponmaster - allows you to use big weapons
Shield - allows you to use a large shield
Archery - allows you to use a bow
Without these skills you can’t use the abilities - so they’re pretty key
Hero points are cool. You don’t get many but you get the ability to heal yourself, heal others, cut through limbs etc.
Extra hits and extra fortitude, I wouldn’t buy as a first thing as my first character. It makes you better, but doesn’t mean you can DO more.

The ability to paralyse, entangle, heal, shatter etc. They are all cool. There are no fireballs in Empire, so it’s all about having a staff or wand (or rod) and being able to do one or two cool things. But, you can’t wear armour if you want to cast.

Being able to heal people on the battlefield is good. Using herbs to get people up is amazing and you get quite a few of them. Makes you proper useful on a field but yu don’t have to get too close to the fight.

Questions 5b: What skills should I take for life in Anvil?
Again, you don’t need skills to roleplay. There is very little in Anvil you need to do to hafve a skill. BUT - somethings help.

Ritual Magic:
Lots of Covens will be happy to have a new member. Yoou don’t need to go as part of a Coven, you can just go and find one at the first Standing. I suggest you don’t chose your rituals until yo uahve a coven and they will give you advice. No point chosing ones that other people can already do or that youi’ll never be able to cast.

Another thing aboout being a magician is you can also go to the Hall of Worlds. This allows you to interact with conclave and maybe with Eternals.

Making stuff:
Everyone likes people who can make stuff. FInd some brokers and let them know, or work with other brokers to sell and get the resources you need. Potions, magical armour, poisons or even banners. These things are often expensive. And you can probably not make artissan stuff without multiple people working together.

Priest Skills:
Honestly, hallow is an amazing skill. You can make items with have a name and have roleplaying affects for people. You will need Liou (so you need a congregation). There are other affects too - but bbasically you get to create roleplaying affets. (but named items is the best one imho - cos you can give someone their father’s sword)

Question 6: What resource should I take?

NOTE: If your resource is in Liathaven you wil get a reduced income because it’s owned by Orcs
Farms and Businesses. These give you money. Money allows you to buy cake and beer in the IC bars. That’s quite cool if you like beer in IC bars Think about what your business is, it gives you sometbign to talk about.

These give you the stuff to make artisan goods. Genearlly if there are a group of you, taking a selection to allow brokers/ artisans to get stuff is a good strategy. Not very exciting - but does allow you to make cool stuff.

Mana Site:
If you want to do rituals - manasites are where it’s at. A mana site will give you 7 crystals. That’s a single rank 14 mastered ritual a weekend. Oka,y genearlly you’ll do things with a coven… but if you don’t want to rely on them and be a burdon - bring the mana. If you’re a warrior it’s also good cos it’s better to pay ritualists with to cast rituals on you.

Military Unit:
It allows you to support the armies, or support spy networks. You get a downtime action that allows you to either get stuff by paid work or by supportin the Empire and maybe gettign guerdon (pay for supporting the right armies)

Congregation: If you take this , you have votes in teh synod and automatic political power. Genearlly if you’re a guide who wants to create auras you need liou which is the other things this gives you.

Fleet: All the Navarr teritoriees are landloced so this is an odd choice. It’s a versitle option that alows you to do different things though, so some peopel choose it.

Any other questions?


This is a massively helpful guide! Cheers!

There is a river through Miaren that connects to the Bay, I worried about being landlocked as well when I chose Fleet, alas it is not so much a problem :smiley:

Small note, if you’ve got either a Forest or Mana site there are rituals which let you temporarily convert them into Shadowy Warriors (good at mercenary work) or Crystal Warriors (good at supporting campaign armies). So they have some versatility if you can get the mana and a coven to cast it together.