Creative hobbies?


What kinds of creative hobbies are you into?
For example…Jewelry making, drawing/painting, costume making, restoring or renovating old objects, DIY furnishings/decorations, making models, pottery & metal working etc- the list goes on!

(As for me personally, i am very much into doing fine linear art using pens/inks and making jewelry ^_^v )


I write!

I’m currently writing a novelisation of Dragon Age: Inquisition, having done the same thing to Origins and DA2 and to the Mass Effect games.


Personally: music; writing; game design.

The first gets an outing at Empire. :slight_smile:


Armour and costume.
I also collect OOC and sell IC.

it’s a cool way of putting energy into the game.

I also make chainmail.

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Old thread I know but hey. I write, poetry and fiction, I also make things. Hoping to show some of my empire inspired poetry at E2 :slight_smile:


It all adds to the depth of the game, excellent. :smiley:

Basically I do kit making, letter writing and other stuff as hobbies but only ever with Empire in mind (I have limited time available so everything I make usually has a specific purpose).


It’s nowhere near IC for Empire, but I’ve written a sci-fi tabletop roleplay game.

I’ve been adding to it over the last 15 years or so and now it’s reached 250 pages, I’m actually quite proud of it even though it’s not finished.


My main crafty hobbies are spinning, crochet and knitting- I’ve yet to work out how to make those Empire related! I also dabble in jewellery making and chainmail, which I am planning to put to good use at some point, and I need to dust off my sewing machine before E2 if I plan to have anything to wear!


I tend to bring whatever I’m currently knitting (assuming it’s not glaringly OOC) with me to events - it gives me something to do during ‘quiet moments’ (and something small to focus on if the event gets overwhelming; I suffer from anxiety coupled with dyspraxia, so sometimes getting too much stimulation makes my brain freak out. Fortunately that’s not happened at Empire yet) and can spark off conversations with fellow crafters in the field. Also, knocking up pairs of fingerless gloves and such is relatively quick, so if I find myself wanting to give someone a gift I’ve an easy option available - at Twisted Tales my character’s entire family ended up with pairs of gloves by the end of the first event (although it helped I was playing a character who used weaving / knitting for their magic, and therefore needed no excuse to start playing with wool at any given moment).

Now I’m Varushkan, I’m also planning on bringing my mini-loom with me at some point although I’m looking to get a bit more practice on that before I try to use it outside my living room :wink: Sorting out kit for E2 has also given me the motivation to get better at hand embroidery (embroider all the things!).


My current project is a commission with a confidentiality agreement so I’m probably not allowed to take it to a muddy field, but as I’m planning to play an artisan I’m sure I can turn my hand to some character friendly projects- I don’t think I’m going to be fighting this event so it might be good to have something extra to do just in case! And I did have a couple of projects I had started to think about for my costume and items to trade. My shiny metal circulars might be a little OOC though!


I am fun of making paper crafts during weekends as a bonding with my nephews.


I sew costume (and also research past clothing making techniques). I paint and draw (acrylics and pencil drawing are my usual go to art thing) , crochet, free-hand embroider, knit, tablet weave, i dabble in jewelry making, resin casting, the odd bit of leatherwork. officially i am not allowed any new hobbies, but if it’s crafty i do tend to have a go… i am always looking for something new to try and i am also happy to pass on that knowledge to others if they are interested


I sew and like to make replicas of military uniforms and customise them. This is the current project.


I used to have creative hobbies. I started off making a few leather things after my degree because I had a lot left over, and it spiralled out of control and now I’m self employed. The upside of that is that I get to have fancy armour for material cost :wink:

I suppose I do indulge in a bit of fiction writing here and there. I’ve not yet finished a full draft of a novel, but I’m somewhere along the way.


Me, mainly writing and music play.


Leather working (when I get the time). Started as a way to keep the costs of lrp down, then I just started enjoying it more. The only thing stopping me from doing more is time and money (which I should really sell stuff to fund it).