Creatures of the night

There isn’t much written about the inhabitants of the night realm but I’ve fallen in love with a herald NPC and hope to get some plot with her but I’m not sure how she would react to situations.
Going out during the day? Would it be out of the question to be briefly blinded by the sunlight?
Getting drunk? Can they get drunk?
Are they aware how quickly time moves?
Can they be physically hurt on the mortal plane, both through attacks and stupid things like burns through hot tea?
If she brought a gift from the night realm would it be able to exisis properly on the material plane?

any answers to these questions would be helpful for both the character and my own OC curiosity

So I know a little about this -

  1. shrug - will differ by herald. I’d be surprised to see Night heralds about much in the daytime, but the Realms are metaphysical not physical - there is at least one other nation that uses Wind and Flame rather than Day and Night.
  2. shrug - will differ by herald, I’d expect. I doubt that Llofir’s unstoppable fungus zombies can get drunk, whereas I’d very much expect a herald of Sadogua to be capable of at least getting some kind of effect from alcohol, probably something physreppable by a human!
  3. On one level, they’d have to be (at least a little) or they couldn’t communicate. On another, if they had good time management skills they’d be called Temporaries. I’ve met Eternals who didn’t appear to consider that any time had passed since our previous interaction and Eternals who counted time in years.
  4. It is a point of system rules that anything physrepped by a human has a finite number of hit points and is vulnerable to weapon blows to some extent, and the only way to acquire immunity to various calls is to wear armour.
  5. I have met items from Night that didn’t have an expiry date. I’d assume it wouldn’t be impossible.

Commonly-known facts about Heralds are an area of the wiki that is currently under development as I understand it. That said I would look at the page on the Eternal the Herald is related to (if it is up there!) as that tends to be where specifics about Heralds are found.

Definitely seconding the metaphysical-not-physical thing though. It’s Night as in dreaming, misdirection, mystery, dissimulation, rather than literal darkness. Same as the “seasonal” realms actually refer to the seasons of life rather than the time of year.

Several Heralds of Sadogua turned up at the Brazen Parador one evening at E2 this year. They (or at least their phys reps) were definitely drunk by the time they left…

Aaah Heralds~ much can be spoken of love within and without the Realms. Some of my own encounters of which has been recorded both in song and in print.

I’ll say at first that it entirely depends on the Herald. I find one of the safer bets with Night Heralds would be to check they have glands first. That glimmering glass and silver construct? Not so easy to woo into a relationship but gosh darn they’ll be impressed by your ability to craft the poem. That handsome sword? Certainly you can impress it but it’s a very single minded encounter which can leave you drained and the only real intimacy will be in your hand.

Night lot tend to appear at all times of day; though due to careful assimilation and cultural study, you will find certain ones do tend to turn up very late at night, and get very, very drunk, very quickly.

As the forefront in bespoke realm communication rituals, experimental metaphysical relations, enabler of extra-dimensional dealings, and renowned tart, I would be more than happy to discuss from behind the bushes with you your best step forward.