Culture Crash

If You’ve been missing your in-person LARP experiences, following last night’s successful US in-person playtest run, we intend to run another such run in the UK on the 21 Aug.

Here’s the game description:

You are a non-humanoid, non-gendered alien, part of a group, about to make unexpected First Contact with another alien species. Your mindset and goals will be heavily influenced by your distinctive culture, yet you also have your own motivations as a character. How will you respond to the discovery of other intelligent beings, with their own very different cultural attitudes? Will this affect your relationships to others of your own kind? This First Contact hasn’t happened how you might have wished. How will you respond to the potential dangers of two unique cultures crashing into each other?

This is a twelve player game and each character is fully prewritten with a backstory and goals to achieve in the game.

  • VENUE: It will be run in Julie and Adam’s large garden, mostly outdoors. Please bring stout shoes as it’s mainly grass, and umbrellas/waterproofs or sunblock just in case of weather! There are some part-covered/semi-sheltered areas but we’ll try to stay outdoors for hygiene and safety reasons. There will be access to a downstairs cloakroom, and light snacks/drinks including as part of the game, but please bring your own if you have a restricted diet. Our house and garden are pretty flat and accessible, there will be some seats but not enough for everyone at once. We can’t put anyone up as we are hosting some of the other GMs, sorry.

  • LOCATION/TRAVEL: Wickford, Essex. Full details on joining the cast players. The town lies between Basildon and Chelmsford and is about 20 minutes from the M25, along ether the A12 or A127. We have plenty of free parking in our road. There is also a station in Wickford just under a mile away, which is 45 minutes from London Liverpool Street on the line to Southend Victoria- it’s a 25 minute walk to us, or there are some buses (13 or 14 usually from station to Downham Road stop, note you may need to go to the main road!), and taxis. Google or travel apps are your friends here as the buses can be sporadic. We can also collect some people from the station by car if needed. If there are surprise Engineering works (none are scheduled) these are usually beyond Wickford and you can get to Billericay where we will pick people up.

  • COVID-19: We will do what we can to keep everyone safe- including mask use when indoors please and limiting numbers in any enclosed space. We will ask people to take a rapid lateral flow test the day before and confirm that it is negative. We GMs will also do this - it allows us to confirm we can all play and run the game, and to invite any waiting list players if someone has to drop out. Tests are free to order/collect from the online Govt website or most pharmacies. Please note failure to take and confirm a test will exclude you from the game - but note you can take the test using just your nostrils if your gag reflex is too strong for the usual tonsil method! If you would like to share your vaccination status with us that is also helpful (we two hosts are both fully vaccinated ).

If you are interested in playing, you can get further information on the game and sign up via the website: (Look for the Casting Questionnaire)

NOW CANCELLED Due to Lack of interest.

If you were thinking of going but were put off by one or more elements. It would be great if you could let me know what was negative factors. We are looking at running again at a time when more players can be available and hope to take the views of potential players into account.