Cuneiform runes

I helped run an event early this summer in which cuneiform was used to some extent as one of our ciphers and it dawned on me that the simple shapes used in cuneiform could represent the Runes from Empire without too much trouble.

I’ve finally gotten around to producing a mock-up. Technically some information about the stroke forms is lost, but it doesn’t impact the uniqueness of each rune. I could have changed the “arrows” to be asymmetrical and thus retain the information but I like the simplicity of this version. Anyway, here it is:

Oooh, these I like. Might steal these :smiley:

Obvious disclaimer: I make no guarantees that cuneiform style runes will be accepted as a feasible alternative to the ones given on the wiki by PD. The value of your runes may go up as well as down. If complications occur, discontinue use of the runes and seek medical advice.