Dawnish dress possibilities

Hello, sorry to bother you lot for this. I was just wondering if any dawnish people had pictures of their in game outfits that I could maybe take inspiration from them. I was also wondering if this dress : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/QUIRKY-RED-VELVET-MEDIEVAL-CORSET-DRESS-S-8-10-12-STEAMPUNK-GOTHIC-HIPPY-COSPLAY/152927659763?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 , would fit into the dawnish look.
Thanks in advance!

The ebay example given is a bit too much fancy dress to really fit empire anywhere due to materials I’m afraid. It looks like it’s made out of crushed velour, which has the unfortunate properties of boiling in summer, but not windproof so you also freeze if it’s cold, and if it gets wet it tends to rub and is just generally nasty.

The cut and design aren’t bad, you’ve got the right shape there, just needs to be better materials, try fine wools, brocades, velvets and silks. You may also want a fine linen or thin cotton chemise underneath, which will protect the dress from you (sweat and body oils), and if you have more than one enable you to change each day to stay fresh. It also helps with temperature control.

If you can sew or have a friend who can then it’s pretty easy to run up a dress, and dawnish fabric can be cheaply sourced from curtains if you are lucky in your charity shopping. (Try and find a set that went accross a patio door, that will give you more than enough fabric!). You may even be able to get a chemise out the lining!

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You’ve probably looked at these pages already, but I’ll link to them just in case:

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Hi. So Dawn is high medieval/fantasy from the pictures on the FB page. (Really helpful I know, sorry). Would something like this work for you? It is wool, flows, long wrists etc. You could then ramp it up later with trim. http://www.mytholon.com/en/costumes/ladies-costumes/skirtsdresses/8656/lenora-dress-wool-bordeaux?c=1231 I am sure others will say whether or not this is appropriate or not. Mytholon have a large selection of styles. As for a chemise pattern, I use this one to make chemises for my wife and daughter How to Make an 18th Century Chemise I don’t bother with the side gores, I just make it a few inches bigger and with the neck being stringed you can loosen and tighten depending upon style. Can be knocked up out of an old bed sheet.

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Thanks, I was curious about the shape of it and am glad to see its about right. I have the curtain materials to make my own dress (which i bought from a local charity shop). I’m not the best at sewing and only just have the basics down, but i’d like to try making myself a dress like you suggest. At least its a one of a kind dress if nothing else :wink:

Thanks for the suggestions, i’ve been on the dawn facebook page and its very useful. I have gathered that flowy dresses with long open sleeves are popular. Thanks for the advice, I hadnt properly considered the layers of cloths and making myself a chemise. Thanks, i’ll likely end up making myself one.

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Rosalie's Medieval Woman - Wide Sleeve Gown Tutorial just googled this and it may help…seems simple enough even I could do it :slight_smile: The site has lots of other easy to do articles as well…well that’s my afternoon sorted, and I am not even that interested in medieval stuff!


From the tiny picture I can see, it looks fine to me.