Dawnish jewerly

hi. so jewerly!!!
i am playing a yeofolk knight errent (though i am not doing any battles duo to my leg)
but i am now looking for some jewerly that is fitted for dawn,and not too exspensive

Rings are more in the leaguish brief if you have lots. But 1 or 2 stand out ones never hurts.

A livery collar can look great and give a sense of importance but they are expensive. So consider maybe a big medallion with some relevance to your house or your character. There are lots of good options with the traders before the game.

Do flowers count as jewellery? Because flower crowns and pins and whatnot make you stand out as jewellery. As well as other traditional jewellery items with flowers on it.

The biggest part of Dawnish ‘jewellery’ tends to come from favours. The more you play and interact with people you should end up with a fair collection and not enough space to have it all on at once. But if you are lacking maybe provide one or 2 shiny trinkets that catch the eye and have a story behind them. I always have a 3D printed monster claw on my belt for example.

Also in this regard it can be good to make favours with the intent of giving to people. This can be as cheap and simple as a length of ribbon with a wax seal or a button sewn on in your house colours.


I also believe there is a Etsy store specialising in jewellery for larp currently open/ adding more items/ nations daily.

I can recommend Bespoke pewter https://www.bespokepewter.com/ and https://www.lionheartreplicas.co.uk https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipMheueU5hCGI2VJk9VK91s_AEuBADBdg2aNk6hf

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