Dawnish Leg Brace

Prior to event one this year I was asked to assist someone with thinking through how a person in the Empire might go about making a Dawnish leg brace for someone who had had some battle damage to their leg in the past.

The key was to try to avoid going too far towards the armoured leg look, both to avoid confusion and also to keep within the mage rules on wearing armour. Historically a lot of prosthetics and braces such as this would have been made by armourers who understood the jointing needs and already had access to metal working and leather crafting thus taking on a lot of simularities in look from their more usual work.

In the end I decided to go with inspiration from some of the old medical polio braces. Decoration wise the rune Verys for might was tooled into all the leather as an appropriate rune for the task of ensuring strength to the leg. The finished leather then had gold detailing added to it and fake fur for comfort on the inside. Where the ability to add fancy buckles and strap tips was provided this was taken to increase the Dawnish aspect of the leg brace though it would equally sit at home in other nations. The jointing at the knee swings more loosely than an actual leg brace to allow for any situations where for safety OOC the wearer would need their full mobility.

Laid flat to show the tooling

Leg brace buckled and bent to show more clearly how it would fit to a leg. The leather supporting behind the leg with straps buckling at the front so the wearer can for the most part attach it themselves.

Unfortuantely as this is made to fit a specific person I didn’t have a suitable leg to photograph it on before handing it over and did not have a camera on me when on site.

Lovely piece.

I saw it in use, but you can’t really say ‘That’s a nice leg brace you have there’. :slight_smile:

What an excellent concept, and well executed :smiley:

Strap ends are nice as well - don’t see enough of them on kit.

I bought a job lot of them on a whim and this is the first time I’ve had the chance to use them. The temptation now is just to add them to everything.

I’m just starting to add them to the straps on my armour (pewter ones in this case) and wondering why I haven’t done it before :laughing: