Dawnish Legwear

So looks like I’ll be starting Empire as Dawn and I’m working on the kit, but whilst the wiki goes into depth regarding the top half of the body there appears to be some neglect regarding everything below the waist for men.
Anyone got any advice for what to keep an eye out for non-combat trousers (and footwear I guess, though I know that’s less important)? For reference, playing a knight errant with a yeoman origin.


I’m afraid I don’t know what the official stance on Dawnish legwear is, but when I played a questing knight I wore a pair of gustav trousers from mytholon: they’re loose trousers halved between black and a colour of your choice, with a hillariously prominent codpiece. They’re landsknecht fashion which might be more appropriate for the League, but I thought the way they displayed patterns/colours was fairly appropriate for Dawnish looking to show off patterns and heraldry.
Otherwise I imagine hose wouldn’t be too out of place for Dawn given their high/late medieval aesthetic, and you can either get some proper ones from LARP or re-enactment stores, or represent them a bit more cheaply with wool or cotton leggings.

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Not played yet, but footwear statement for any field LARP is always:

“Be a sensible human”

E1 is in April. It’s probably going to rain.

I have heard tales of the lakes of mud that happen and have seen enough photos of people in gorgeous kit with big black stompy wellies on to look at investing in either a good pair of horse riding yard boots, proper wellies, or a pair of rigger boots…

…all of which will be (hopefully) warm-ish, water tight, and enough to tuck any looser trousers I may make/wear into to keep them out of the mud


I’ve been wearing chinos for years… :slight_smile:

Something sensible and warm, in neutral colours, will be fine. No branding, preferably some pockets and a belt. Easy to wash afterwards.

As a knight-errant, you don’t even need to lean towards House colours.

As for footwear, my wife pushed me towards equestrian yard boots (Toggi?), which are leather, waterproof, insulated, and look great (bit of an investment though). But really, sturdy walking/hiking boots are fine.

Once you’re there, you can have a look around and see what, if any, upgrades you want.

Worth noting, despite the layout of the Dawn costume page for some reason separating men and women’s clothing, Empire is a gender-blind setting - any clothing that is appropriate for one gender is appropriate for all others.


@Knave I think quite a few costumes/look & feel pages lay out different costumes for men and women, but it should definitely be emphasised that these are by no means rules. I’m a guy but I’ve definitely seen all sorts of stuff under the womens’ section for costume advice that I’ve thought ‘that looks amazing, I’d wear that’.

Leggings from Primark are a classic choice, but also jodhpurs are a decent choice. To give the hose look without the hassle :slight_smile:.

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Urizen’s doesn’t…but when part of the brief is pretty much ‘think Movie!LotR elves,’ the tone is set for ‘everyone wears long floaty things, swears at their hemlines, and possibly spends too much time accidentally dunking their sleeves into their coffee/tea’

And from what I can remember of Navarr and the Imperial Orcs, it’s pretty neutral.

Think the issue comes when you’re looking at kit stuff like Dawn and the League, is that both have a lot heavier gendering on the ‘if you’re looking for real world inspiration’ side of things. Which is a bit of an encumbrance if you’re going gender neutral in the description.

The Knight Store does really good Hose (and relatively authentic) for approximately £35, I’m going as a Highguard Warrior priest, but looking to get a pair to go under my Chain Chausses as standard pants would be too baggy.

I use Jodhpurs, landsknecht fashion is very League. as for footwear German Para boots are good