Dead character to new


can you have bonded items or crafted items saved for a new character if the current one dies?


Not really…

If your character dies, all associated stuff with them should go as well. That is, the items they’re carrying, their personal resource, and anything they may have stashed away…your new character shouldn’t suddenly turn up carrying a large bag of cash they’ve “inherited…”
It’s rather unfair on every other starting character…

However, if you are part of a group, it is possible to transmit some things that way. Character 1 dies, having contributed various things to the group, maybe even made a will, maybe even been recovered from the field of battle while dying (you may want to look up the Terminal rule… for now, it’s a way to make dying last requests, speeches, etc). Character 2 starts in the same group. The group “just happens” to have some spare stuff, and passes it on to the new member.

Personally, I would do this very lightly. It’s one thing to rejoin a group, playing with your former IC friends as a new person to continue playing with your OOC friends…

…inheriting stuff from your past character, beyond pocket change, I find is taking the piss.

Here’s how I would do it.

Character 1 is an artisan and makes stuff for the group. He churns out magic armour, a pretty cheap but effective version, 2 or 3 sets per event. The group has a few sets spare, and sells them off as needed. When Character 1 dies, and Character 2 pops up, he’s very different, maybe he makes potions, no way is he anything like that obsessive armour-maker I’ve heard about, but if there’s some spare magic armour going, yeah, I’ll take a set…

(sorry, got rambling)


Yup, to echo Geoff: nope. Each character you have is new, and everything they owned is lost unless there is a specific in character reason for it not to be.

New characters should all be about equal, keeping stuff from your last dead character is not okay.

Hand their old stuff in to GOD, pick up your new character pack (full of new stuff!) and you are away!

You can roll over unspent earned XP though, as that goes to you as a player rather than your character.


You may want to consider getting your group or character to write a will, that way anything left by your character when they die can be claimed by your group, and assigned to other people in your group. Any legible signed piece of paper will be valid and then allow them to reassign upgraded personal resources too.

Replaying your old character is seen as bad form, and is usually very confusing for your mates and anyone else your previous character interacted with. Changing your costume, outlook, resource and which bit of the game you interact with (bourse to conclave to synod to hospital) will make it easier on you and them. Gaining or losing a lineage can also help to differentiate the two.