Dead character to new

can you have bonded items or crafted items saved for a new character if the current one dies?

Not really…

If your character dies, all associated stuff with them should go as well. That is, the items they’re carrying, their personal resource, and anything they may have stashed away…your new character shouldn’t suddenly turn up carrying a large bag of cash they’ve “inherited…”
It’s rather unfair on every other starting character…

However, if you are part of a group, it is possible to transmit some things that way. Character 1 dies, having contributed various things to the group, maybe even made a will, maybe even been recovered from the field of battle while dying (you may want to look up the Terminal rule… for now, it’s a way to make dying last requests, speeches, etc). Character 2 starts in the same group. The group “just happens” to have some spare stuff, and passes it on to the new member.

Personally, I would do this very lightly. It’s one thing to rejoin a group, playing with your former IC friends as a new person to continue playing with your OOC friends…

…inheriting stuff from your past character, beyond pocket change, I find is taking the piss.

Here’s how I would do it.

Character 1 is an artisan and makes stuff for the group. He churns out magic armour, a pretty cheap but effective version, 2 or 3 sets per event. The group has a few sets spare, and sells them off as needed. When Character 1 dies, and Character 2 pops up, he’s very different, maybe he makes potions, no way is he anything like that obsessive armour-maker I’ve heard about, but if there’s some spare magic armour going, yeah, I’ll take a set…

(sorry, got rambling)


Yup, to echo Geoff: nope. Each character you have is new, and everything they owned is lost unless there is a specific in character reason for it not to be.

New characters should all be about equal, keeping stuff from your last dead character is not okay.

Hand their old stuff in to GOD, pick up your new character pack (full of new stuff!) and you are away!

You can roll over unspent earned XP though, as that goes to you as a player rather than your character.


You may want to consider getting your group or character to write a will, that way anything left by your character when they die can be claimed by your group, and assigned to other people in your group. Any legible signed piece of paper will be valid and then allow them to reassign upgraded personal resources too.

Replaying your old character is seen as bad form, and is usually very confusing for your mates and anyone else your previous character interacted with. Changing your costume, outlook, resource and which bit of the game you interact with (bourse to conclave to synod to hospital) will make it easier on you and them. Gaining or losing a lineage can also help to differentiate the two.


I continue to disagree.

What the character owns should be distinct from what the player owns. And there is a large difference in what new characters come to Anvil with, from their personal resources (and occasionally skills. I’m thinking of the starting artisan items…).

If you want play a successful merchant, come to Anvil with a business resource.

Is it fair that your new character, as an experienced player, starts wealthier and better equipped than any new character of a new player? You will already have a better understanding of the game and setting, and OOC recognition of various things, and any rolled over XP on top of that…

If you can’t IC hand on your stuff to your group, then hand it in to GOD.


That sounds like an argument for encouraging people to change group more when they get dead.

More seriously, if you die with your stuff on you, it’s lost. Hand it in to GOD. If your stuff isn’t on you, then it’s already in the care of your group, presumably, or will be shortly when they loot your stuff because you’re dead. It is their property. They might give it to a new character who turns up, but equally they might say “Yeah, we spent all of that guy’s money on an epic funeral drinks fund. It was awesome.”


If I spent a year stockpiling rings to buy an enchantment, then die the event for I can afford it, I don’t think it would be fair to say that I have to turn in all those unspent resources to GOD, rather than rolling over my unspent resources to a new character who may be a successful merchant coming to Anvil rather than a skint priest.

Whether you think it is fair or not, the game runners have decided they don’t want it to happen in their game and thus, it is against the rules.

If you’re allowed to just hand your stuff off to your group

You aren’t. They can access stuff that was on your ‘corpse’ when you stopped phys-repping it. So if they recover your body from the skirmish, or you made it back but died in the hospital, they can recover your stuff. They can go through your effects IC and recover anything you left in your IC tent. If you made a will IC, they can approach the Civil Service, who may release stuff you had in your inventory. But if you left all your IC magical materials and savings locked in your car boot - sorry, I know it stings, but you need to hand that shit in to GOD so they can reuse the physreps.

The thing about rejoining the same group as a different character, and maybe being passed some ‘spare equipment’? That’s much more about ‘don’t panic and feel like you’re cheating if you happen to get handed the same ribbon your last character had in the course of perfectly straightforward role-play’. It’s not to encourage using groups as a way to circumvent the rules PD have decided on.

Edited to add: As Jim points out below, I’m wrong about stuff stored OC/offsite - it can be accessed by surviving members of your group, IC friends and family and so on, in a way that makes sense within the game. But it’s not accessible to your new character unless it’s explicitly passed on to them by whoever inherits it (and a direct, wholesale transfer of that sort is strongly discouraged).


@SevenSecrets has summed up my thoughts perfectly, additionally seems like a good argument to join a group :wink:

They are inaccessible to your group while in character, therefore they go back to GOD (possibly at the next event if you left them at home).


I’m not actually sure this distinction actually exists in the rules, the wiki states you have to hand in anything left on your corpse at the time you cease physrepping it. It’s adding in a lot of extra ‘rules’ that are disadvantaging groups who don’t entirely sleep IC, and feels like the extra ‘rp’ it is incentivising is terminal conscious characters being taken to the OOC area so they can rummage through their boot.

There’s also potentially a lot of OC consideration, there are phys-reps I will be passing onto the group, some of these are also Hallowed/magic items. There will be an OC element to inheritance, and I don’t see what the issue is with the Trauma bundle being passed on containing PD items.

Also interesting these days mechanically the IC sleeping tent your character closed up before going to battle is mechanically as inaccessible as the car boot.


I agree OC stored stuff should still be accessible if it would be accessible- My group know where my character lives, they are likely going to be going through his rooms if he dies to collate his writings and add them to the Spire’s library. If I’ve left my enchanted wand on the table of my room (because I forgot to bring it with me for whatever reason) why would they not pick it up and use it, or if they find a wad of Wain certificates tucked in with the bedding they bring back from my night camp (that I had in a bag OC) they should be able to take them and put them to use.

If its on my body or lost in some other manner then its lost but if it exists in the world where it can be accessed then I see no reason why it shouldn’t be accessed.

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I am not a ref, but the wiki seems pretty clear on this:

  • If you have the items on you, no worries.
  • If they got left on a battlefield, that sucks, they’re gone.
  • If they are in your account inventory, you can send them to another character by asking PD.
  • If you own the physreps but didn’t bring them with you, you can give them to players of your IC family and associates.

Passing on Personal Effects

Items that the deceased are carrying with them are usually distributed amicably after death by friends and family. If there is a will in place this could be used to direct such distribution and form the basis for resolving any disputes which arise.

If a character owns significant possessions which they have not brought to Anvil, then ownership of these items follows the same rules for resources above. Items registered in a character’s inventory by Profound Decisions can be transferred to another character. This can be done in person at GOD or between events by email.


It makes a lot more sense once you see a group as a character in its own right.

To use an example of my .1

  • My .1 is a Physick in The King’s Stoke Militia. He dies of an overdose of Druj in Reikos. Some things are left in his bag, because he’s smart enough to leave non-combat-effective valuables with a friend.Some of those things were funded by the group.
    • The King’s Stoke Militia therefore continues to own “A stash of terrible porn, a bag of mana and a chasuble that was reputed to have killed four of its owners”.
    • Whether or not the next PC there looks like me, the gear remains in the world in a way that makes sense. The story of a group, its wealth and its achivements continue.
    • This is especially important when the group treasurer dies.
      • Because if they take the money to battle, they are daft and the group will cuss out their dead mate (this happens remarkably often!).
      • If they are sensible, they leave the money in a lockbox or with a trusted noncombatant. And the group picks it up because it’s less That Person’s Stuff and more Our Stuff.
  • My .2 is a Freeborn Hakima from Lucksprings.
    • If he keeps my old PC’s stuff, then a stash of terrible porn, a bag of mana and a Death Chasuble have inexplicably teleported to a bloke who’s just come here from Segura
    • These items all exist somewhere in the game world. You can’t choose to move them around. It’s cheating because it breaks the story just the same as if you take back the herbs you got while playing a barbarian healer. Or you embezzle OC from the stash of resources you got to run your sanctioned event.

Items are not earned by you, they are earned by a character. It’s not your hard work that went into getting 10 Thrones (even though it is), because 10 Thrones aren’t real. The person they’re real to (your PC) is dead.

If someone keeps playing a carbon-copy Pc in the same group, they won’t just roll up more power. Players will go “oh look it’s Bob playing Ritualist #7”. The people I know who respawn into the same group try very hard to be distinctive and different so they’re not in the shadow of their past PC. Which means not hoovering up their dead PC’s kit.


Thanks Jim, I’d found the bit on the OOC mechanics but hadn’t spotted that.

Edited to add: I’ve emailed the wiki team to ask for some cross links between the Character Death and Will sections, as the Will section doesn’t seem to be linked from anywhere else and it’s very pertinent information.


Yup, all my former characters stuff, money and misc IC docs that werent on my body get given to my IC wife or QM, depending on relationships :stuck_out_tongue: Anything on me when i died (Usually just ribbons and potions tbh) gets given to GOD.

On a side note having a separate bag or belt for combat/anvil makes it a lot easier to not die carrying a loads of cash/APs/Wains/Porn :stuck_out_tongue:

I have always been of the view that new character means new resources etc. If you retire an old character or the character dies, then everything should be handed in to GOD.

From a new player perspective it seems highly unfair to bank roll a new character with old character things when people new to the system can’t do that. Having a new character turning up with a hefty amount of thrones and resources wouldn’t be acceptable to me.

I am now on my third character in the same group. All of which have been different from each other, though in one case it was same kit plus lineage initially as I was feeding a baby at the time.

Last character had two magic items and a bunch of potions on her. So they disappeared as she was left behind.

My coin pouch of 3T 4C and a few rings passed into the possession of the group along with some Interesting Paperwork as it was left in my IC tent.

As much as it sucked to ‘lose’ the money I had spent hours earning by selling necklaces, it was not mine. It was Hadand’s. Saavi is merely a poor priest. Though I do have money making scheme plans for her.