Designing outfit help apreciated

I’m going to be going to my first empire event and since I’ll be joining the brass coast I thought it best to ask if the outfit I have in mind fit the brass coast. I have read the wiki but there are things I thought best to ask opinions on.
I have made some (very) rough sketches with an indication of the intended color, but if I can’t find something in that color it will most likely change a little. Though I’m planing to keep the colour palette the same (as in reds, yellows and purples). I did include purple even though its not in the wiki since I wanted at least one colour I’m used to wearing (my normal garb is mostly black).

I’ll also (most likely) be a physick so that’s probably important to mention!

This first one will be my normal gear while the second one is for the battle. The pants I’ll be wearing for both.
I’m gonna be adding some bells to the second layer of the skirt and maybe some beads to the vest area.

This is mainly just the idea of how I want the “tunic” sleeves to work. The first one would be the battle one and the second normal wear.

This is very rough and still very much something I can change so I thought I would ask first before starting to gather pieces.


Welcome to empire. Your costume brass coast to me. I’d maybe add some jewellery as well. Do you know what kind of archetype you are going for? That may change what you are wearing slightly.

If you have any questions about the brass coast, feel free to ask them. Have you got all your skills sorted out or do you need some help with that? Are you going to be doing much fighting in the battle or will you just be healing?


Make sure you have enough layers that you don’t get cold at night! Or get cold during the horrifying rainy mud events, because Freeborn are very much at risk during those events.


Thank you! That’s good to hear. Yeah I was thinking off adding some though I wasn’t sure of what was really suitable for the brass coast. I didn’t see anything about it on the wiki (I might have just missed it). Well I have not found an archetype that really fits with what I had in mind. Since I will most likely not fight (just heal on the battlefield) nor will I be a magic user, Dhomiro seemed the best candidate but I don’t think my character would ever be trusted with that kind of job haha.

Well I’m most likely just going completely for the healing game as that has always interested me (even before I knew larp was a thing).

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I was warned to wear thermal layers under my normal clothing which is most likely the thing I’ll end up doing. And finding a cloak of course. Though I’m hoping that the event I’ll be attending (in June) isn’t as bad. I’m not actually from the UK so the weather will be a hard thing for me to pinpoint.

If you aren’t actually fighting then you shouldn’t have to worry too much about combat skills. This also means you shouldn’t have to worry too much about armour, just be ready to run if things start going badly. If you want to try combat, see if you can borrow a weapon and play one of the barbarians, they provide a base shirt layer, some armour and the orc mask. They do not provide trousers or weapons.

As Noodle says, layers are important for warmth how ever they also make your clothes more vibrant and intricate. Between events, lots of the freeborn will ad new layers to their clothes. You aren’t expected to have it perfect your first time however you are expect to improve. There should also be a nice fire to sit by if you get to cold but be warned, you may get burn marks in your clothes from the embers.

(While on this point, I’d like to mention that at empire, things can get quite muddy and usually that is your biggest problem during the day. At night it can be quite cold. Luckily there are a few comforts that can get you through. There are showers that you can use in the mornings. I find they are a good moral boost and can warm you up for your day. There is also cooked food that you can buy to eat. Finally I recommend you have a few layers in your tent for when you sleep and to make sure you have something between you and your tents floor.)

Clothes are very important in the brass coast. They should be fairly personal, in fact you aren’t supposed to let someone else where your clothes or wear someone else’s (however you can do this during the broken wheel). It is considered that you imprint on your clothes and part of your soul is attached to it.

With jewellery, I would go for things that are fairly bright so golds are quite good. Try and think about the sea when you are looking for jewellery, pearls can work well if done correctly. I’ve recently got a ring with a blue stone in the middle. I feel that it is less concentrated and more spread out when it comes to freeborn jewellery. I would say things from Spain and Africa would also work.

Finally with archetypes, you don’t need have any so don’t worry about that.

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To be honest I was gonna see if I could borrow some armor if I go on the battlefield since I don’t want my character to immediately die the first event (especially if I’m gonna be spending a lot on the clothing). I know physicks can get away quickly but unfortunately my health and speed aren’t amazing so having more than 2 hits is probably better. I would make/buy armor but, besides the cost, I can’t really bring it on a airplane that easily.

To be honest I would love to be able to do that but again since I’ll be coming from a different country and this will be very expensive for me there is a chance that this will be a once in a few years opportunity.

Are the showers a viable option? When I saw people talk about them in videos they always make a face and say to bring baby wipes.

What does during the broken wheel mean? I knew about the other details but this one is new to me.

I might end up posting the images of jewellery I have been looking at and seeing if its appropriate that way. I have some jewellery that dangles around the forehead that I might end up using. With spread out do you mean not only necklaces? I can’t think of any jewellery specific to spain (and I should know I live next to spain haha) but I’ll look into africa!

I was wondering how I’m supposed to find a family. Since I won’t belong to the groups without one I’m assuming its quite important to find one? How would one go about this?

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Well there are some skills that will help with survivability. If you want to make your own armour then maybe look into also picking up the mage skill and then the battle mage skill. As a battle mage you are able to use a staff (it is good having the extra reach) and wear mage armour. Mage armour gives you two extra hits and must cover chest, wrists or shoulders and then two other places like the head, the lower legs, the waist and the neck. That would take away from require you spend 4 out of 8 xp which is quite a bit. You could look into getting the shield skill (thought that would mean you need a shield) or weapon master or some hero skills. You may also use a buckler without a skill.

I know that if you fight in one battle, you are expected to play the barbarians in the next. You may not have to do that if you aren’t fighting and due to you circumstances. Battles will usually take 30 minutes to an hour and take place Saturday and Sunday morning.

I personally love the showers. Sometimes, some of them don’t work too well and you can get cold water instead of warm and you may also find spiders in the cubical but if you test the water the first problem should be fixable. The floors may not be the most pleasant thing but I take shoes for the shower so it is fine for me. I end up being a lot cleaner then the baby wipe people and feel a lot better. I won’t deny that there is an art to putting your clothes so they stay fairly dry and out of the dirt but if you are able to do that, it is worth it.

The broken wheel is a brass coast festival that happens on the Saturday night of E4.The brass coast basically drop their ideals and virtues (with in reason) and have fund and mess about. Usually the brass coast don’t like to lie however during the broken wheel a lot of them will They might also perform harmless pranks on the other nations. It can be good fun but you don’t have to participate.

Family is fairly important to the brass coast but it isn’t a must. The main benefits are you get a base of operations, people to help you and give you advice and a fire to sit by a night for free, otherwise you will have to pay someone in the brass coast anything from a ring (if they want you there) to a throne (if they are trying to be rude to you and tell you to go away). If you want to find one then either look on the brass coast facebook page or maybe join the unofficial discord server, not sure how may people on there can help on the discord server but there are a few people who might be able to. If you can’t find anyone then at your first event, go and talk to people, tell them you are new and see if they will let you in. People are generally friendly and it is likely someone will say yes. In the end it doesn’t matter too much if you don’t find a group. I’ve been without a group for four events and I’m doing okay.

As a last bit of information before I go, you may be interested to find out that the brass coast has its own music and some people will perform this around the fires. If you are interested in music maybe ask around about it. A lot of them are sea shanties that have been adapted.

EDIT: (sorry, forgot about the jewellery question. What I mean is stuff for the forehead, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, rings stuff to decorate your cummerbund and or sash. It is up to you how much you wear. Also I think Arabic jewellery is appropriate. When I said Africa, I was thinking about the moors. Another thing about costume, you don’t have to worry so much about stuff for the feet as that stuff is out of character, just make sure you don’t use trainers however you can look into in character shoes.)

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Like I mentioned I can’t bring armor… Its not really possible on a airplane and it costs too much money. I will be spending 6xp on my physick skills so I don’t really have any left after that. If I where able to go to more events then sure but thats currently not really an option duo to the immense cost of travel and the ticket itself.

I’m aware of that. I’m not too worried about it since it won’t be my character on the line and they will be providing the armor for that.

I see. I guess I’ll bring some plastic footwear and see if its something I can do after a battle!

Ahh okay. It seems thats gonna be something I also don’t attend as I’m going to E2.

For me its quite important as I have anxiety and finding a group I can hang around with will be fairly important in my survival haha. So I’ll check the fb pages, and even though I joined the discord it doesn’t seem to function?

Ahh yeah I looked into that already and it sounds delightful, I wish I had some skill in singing and playing an instrument!

I see. Thank you! I’ll look into that then!

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Your planned outfit looks great! Purple is absolutely fine - the Freeborn love all sorts of colours as long as they’re strong and bright - and combined with red and yellow is spot on.

Jewellery is also good if you have it - necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, head ornaments, chain belts - metal stuff that shines or sparkles, anything with coins, anything with colourful gems. Headpieces that go on the hair/forehead or wound into the headgear are particularly nice (long necklaces can be great for this). ‘Kuchi jewellery’ is a good search term for overall visual inspiration, but don’t feel you have to restrict yourself to that style of jewellery. The overall impression you’re after is wearing your wealth on your body.

The showers are fine. Sometimes the hot water fails (though this has never happened to me) and it can be muddy around the steps to the cubicles, but as a general rule they are hot and clean with good water pressure. Each shower cubicle is basically a wet room draining into a corner, so the floor is always wet - you can’t set anything down - but there are hooks on the doors. I find it helpful to bring a shoulder bag I can hang up and put my clean undies, glasses etc. in, and to wear something that goes on over my head so I don’t have to hop around putting on trousers in a pool of water! The showers are busiest first thing in the morning (8-9am) and just after the battle (12.30-2ish). These are also the times the queues for food tend to be longest!


Thats very kind of you ^^ And I’m glad purple is acceptable since I quite like the colours I have chosen.

Thank you! I’ll look into those too! I was thinking of maybe making something that can slip into one of the folds in the head wrap to add some sparkle there (maybe even use a feather I got from a friend at the end)

I see. I was actually thinking of taking a shower after a battle but if its very busy maybe its better not then? I’ll remember the shoulder bag tip since I really don’t want my clothing completely drenched haha.

Is this something that could work? Or is it too much?


too much

Is there such a thing in the Brass Coast?


The freeborn battle field contigent are oft described as a whirlwind that has sucked up a paint factory and half an orchestra percussion section


Do you have a spare XP for use of a Shield? Whilst Armour is harder to borrow (although not impossible if you can find someone from a nation monstering against you), a shield would massively increase your survivability particularly against arrows. It also allows you to effectively shield another physic as part of a am.

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Something you could consider is not going onto the battlefield, but instead volunteering at the Hospital, a player-run tent that treats the injured after the battles. It would mean you would get a chance test out your physick skills without having to worry about needing armour, weapons, or making a second set of battle kit. If you decide for future events that you want to fight then you can add to your existing kit rather than buying all of it in one go. I’m conscious that you are going to have limited room in your luggage and a limited budget, that might be a good way to get into the hobby.

I love your colours! Very Flame. approves

As others have said, more colours is good; my Freeborn character was an excuse to wear all my favourite colours at the same time and her outfit was orange, turquoise, silver and gold with a ridiculous amount of jewellery (her bag of jewellery weighed almost as much as my (small, aluminium) maille shirt). That necklace you linked to is absolutely fine.

Other things to consider that add a Freeborn flair for limited space: painting your nails (which you can do before you leave home, saves carrying it) and a colourful eyeshadow (I used turquoise with silver eyeliner).

I know it’s been mentioned before in the other thread, but a cloak or coat for warmth is a real necessity at night, even in the relative warmth of E2. I also swear by having a hidden waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers on underneath my kit (on top of my thermals) because that keeps out the wind.

I recommend having at least two pouches. One for your out of character necessities (like medication, money, and keys) and one for your character’s stuff ( IC money, resources, notebook) and a third for your physick kit.
You may find a bag with an over-the-shoulder strap more useful than a small pouch if it gets heavy. Fabric belts are perfect for the brief but they don’t hold as much weight as a leather belt.

And a final other mention: invest in waterproof footwear. If you get wet feet, you will get cold and miserable very quickly. At least you will be able to wear those on the plane so you won’t have to count them as part of your luggage.


@Mr_Haystacks that is by far the absolute best thing I have read about the Freeborn! That description is honestly the way I’m gonna describe the freeborn to everyone not familiar with Empire now!

Thats not a bad idea actually. Its probably easier to borrow shields over armor! I might do that for this event and if not probably for the next one (I’m ever able to go again).

Yeah I might do that… I would like to maybe even get some training from other physick’s and/or people trained in combat to teach me how to actually fight.

I’m glad my intended message came across in the colours! I know normally the hottest flame is more blue but going purple seemed the way to go.

To be honest I think (as with almost all outfits) the accessories will make it something awesome. So getting to go full out with that is pretty awesome!

I was considering painting my nails but people had advised against it in my other topic since it might be confused for lineage? Though eyeshadow I might go gold and purple with it. Or just plain gold. I’ll have to do some make-up tests!

Wont it get very bulky with so many layers? I think I would start feeling constricted with a waterproof layer. Aren’t waterproof clothing items normally very bulky?

Ahh yeah I really need to find something like that soon. Bags will be hard to find around here… but talking about notebooks I couldn’t find anything that is okay to use as a writing tool IC? Could it just be a pencil?

Hmm I see. It will be hard to find something like that around here. And wouldn’t it look odd to have chunky boots on when the rest of the outfit is only colourful and flowy fabrics? I know people say not to worry about it but still…

And wouldn’t it look odd to have chunky boots on when the rest of the outfit is only colourful and flowy fabrics? I know people say not to worry about it but still…

Trust me:

  1. It is far better to have dry feet / the ability to walk in the mud than it is to have IC looking / fancy footwear.
  2. No-one will care, or even notice (so long as the boots don’t have neon stripes or something on them).
  3. I guarantee that most people in the Brass Coast will be wearing similar footwear.

The IC field is huge, and you’ll want to explore it, visit other nations, go to their pubs, talk to people, etc etc. If the weather is bad and all you have are nice looking but flimsy slippers, you’ll end up with cold muddy feet (and ruined slippers!). if you’re sleeping OOC, you’ll need to cross a field anyway just to go IC.


Cambions have metallic skin, so there is a small chance you could be mistaken, but if you don’t have any of the other trappings, like horns and symbols on your face, you should be okay. You could always go for red, purple or something else non-metallic if you were concerned you might look too Cambion. As long as it’s not black or white you can do whatever you like really!

[Edit to add]: yes, the layers do bulk things out a little, but better to be bulky than cold. You may want to only put on the thermals at night. Once it’s dark people can only really see the glittery bits of your kit anyway!


For the discord server to work, you have to message the owner and he will add you properly. I understand it can be quite nerve-raking not being sure who you can talk to and feeling like you will be alone but most people at empire are friendly and a few of them will also be dealing with anxieties so they will know how you feel to some extent. If things don’t go according to plan then remember this as it will hopefully help you to feel less stressed.

When talking to people, I find it s best to have some kind of reason or purpose if you are worried. This helps you push that nagging feeling aside in your brain. Asking where things are can be a good reason. Also if you see anyone with costume that you find particularly interesting then that can be a good conversation starter. At empire, lots of people want to feel like a hero, like a main character so they will jump at any opportunity to come across as such.

People describe freeborn sing as more about passion than skill. If you want to join in with a song, then feel free to do so, I’m sure you sound better than you think. It might be a little bit difficult though if you feel anxious about it but you never know, if you can get fully into character you might be able to push past it.