Displaying a foam staff + Care help

I would really like to display the Mage Staff I bought from Irregular Props. What I was thinking would be nice is to have it mounted on my wall. However I’ve heard a lot about caring for your latex weapons and a lot about them warping and failing weapons check ect.
I was just wandering if anyone had any good ideas on the safest way to mount my staff to the wall. Or is this simply a DO NOT DO IT! Sorry very new to all of this. I’ve got some silicone lubricant spray that I heard you should get for latex weapons. Not sure how and when I should use it, so in general any other tips on caring for my weapon would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.

Something akin to a curtain rod holder would work, depending on how hot it gets at your place during the year.

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Yeah, definitely avoid direct sunlight, and not directly over a radiator is probably a good thing to avoid too.

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Don’t subject any part of it to consistent damaging conditions. This means that light, heat, contact and weight (at least) should be (a) diminished and (b) spread and shared. There’s lots of things that could be advised downstream of this advice such as using broad points-of-contact, and avoiding radiators, and etc… but I think they all fall under the categories of reduce damage and spread it out.