Dog in camp

Hi all! I imagine most of you will have seen a similar message to this on the facebook group, but I’m posting here just in case there’s anyone who missed it.

I will be attending Empire in April with my support dog, Mitzie, and I would really like to join the Varushkan Nation. I recieved overwhelming positive responses on the facebook page, but it was suggested I check here too. I am aware that it’s very common for people to be phobic of dogs, and I wouldn’t want to turn up and ruin someone’s day, or find out infact that we’re not welcome. Is there anyone for whom this would be a problem?

I wouldn’t want to make any Varushkan feel they were not able to relax in their camp. But likewise I don’t want to make anyone feel they have to be the bad guy, and make me leave. We could come to a friendly compromise, by perhaps allocating a tent I wouldn’t bring the dog into, to allow a bolt hole, and hopefully I would get a good description of your kit, so that I would be able to recognise you and hopefully get out of your way before causing any discomfort.

I have full permission from PD themselves to bring Mitzie onto the site, so I’m not interested in opening a discussion with anyone about dogs at LARP. I am merely concerned that we could ruin someone’s day.