Dramaturgy persona masks

I’m planning on making a set of dramaturgy masks, and I was wondering what you all thought are important features to make clear which persona each one represents. The wiki has a list of traits and designs for each persona, but it includes full costume designs. I’m wanting to be able to switch from one persona to another just by changing my mask, which means I need each mask to be identifiable as the persona without relying on the rest of my costume.

So, what identifying features do you all think are important to each persona? What should my masks look like?

Does no-one have any advice?

Sorry, I’ve never played in the League and is not something I know much about, certainly not enough to advise.

Each being distinct from the other, in colour or style would be a good start, and then your mannerisms can help convey the rest?

Again, while I am of the League, I am not a ritualist.
My 2p would be to make each mask over the top. Not comical, but exaggerated. The Dr is black/brown leather( Effect) with a big conical beak. The Captain could be blood red with scars made to look like the slashing of a bravos clothes, the prince could be gold with a crown.

The League Facebook group is packed with ritualists and travelling drama groups who would have all sorts of advice, but potentially they don’t come here…