Drinking and other IC games

So I am looking for ideas for both drinking games and general IC games that people play. Does anyone have any of either that they can share?

I remember I once played a drinking game where everyone put a finger on a cup and you had to guess how many fingers would be left on the cup after a song…but I can’t remember the rules or the song. Can anyone remember this?

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Off the top of my head, I can only think of the ‘hole’ game where people take turns naming the other players a type of hole. The trick is remembering the list of names and then being able to give a name that’s still unique to the next player. And as you fail, as you take a drink, that is going to get harder.

Hmm, I don’t think my lot tend to have drinking games. We tend to drink and sing. I think that’s partly because it tends to be dark and we can’t see to play a game but the fire just about illuminates a song book.

I have seen strategy games on the field in various guises. Perudo and poker turn up from time to time too.

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The Marcher community tent has a bunch of traditional wooden boardgames. I know I gave them a set of dominos, but it’s been so long I forget the rest.

And not to forget the Guild of Good Games and its IC game designs by Dave Weatherall:


Sword and shield dice game
Needs 6 dice.
Aim is to get a two (sword), four (shield) and the highest possible number on the others.
You must save a minimum of one dice per roll but you can save as many dice as you want by putting them to the side once your down to the last dice whatever you roll you keep.
Highest numbers with sword and shield win.