Dungeons and drakes?

I’ve only recently got into D&D and was wondering if anyone else played or would be interested in playing in the IC field, first game I played was about 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

Its an opportunity for honourable nobles to play utter douche canoes, or yeofolk to be the noble they know they will be.

I know playing a LRP in a LRP could be bizarre or confusing but just testing the waters at the moe.

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I’d be up for that. Maybe on the Friday?

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I’m hoping to do it any place that’s quiet, most inn’s should let it happen provided we buy drinks fairly regularly, I just have to work out how to cover the rule book, do I do premade character sheets and how many people participating, I’ll have to dig out my dice as well.

character sheets shouldn’t be too much of a problem as printing presses are a thing in the empire. im not sure about the book though. maybe you can put a cover on it to make it look like a medieval esque book?

Depends how awesome you want it to be, but I know there is a rulebook that is produced like a medieval book. No idea on cost though.

Sounds good I’ll look into it if their is enough interest :slight_smile:

might i suggest this on the thursday? as cool as this is (and it is) you may struggle with take up as people will be oyt and busy.


I’m currently going by general interest, I have no qualms about doing two, one for really early arrivers (Thursday) and smaller Friday IC one.

I have minatures and metal dice and all tge things. What gear would you like me to bring?

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At the minute I’ve got to dig out my book and dice so at the moment probably nothing that can get broken or damaged.

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I also have both the dungeon masters guide and monster manual

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Sounds like you’ve got the beginnings of a game!

Would you mind taking the organisation to PM, please? Just saves this thread popping back up to the top of the list.


No problem


You might want to think of using a more Empire-based system - I know there have been a couple of Empire RPG attempts (e.g. Oz Mills’ one that he posted on the FB group at Redirecting...)

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If you wanted a place I know there’s a bar in Navarr that usually has a bit of space going (inside the woods and under a canopy) If you’re interested :slight_smile:

Cheers :slight_smile: I haven’t decided anywhere specific so I’ll investigate, i know dawn has one with sides as well