E1 2015 - tents for IC field

Cross post from Facebook group:

Tents - check this please!

I have the following canvas going on the IC field, please check this list! I have 2 groups with “same as last event” - I don’t have your list for last event!


Vulpes 5m bell


Emperor 6x4m
2x Sahara bell 5m
1x ridge tent
Central firepit

Auric Horizon

Emperor + annex
4 x 5m bells
2 x 4m bells
1 x 4m tripstein
1 x 3m bell
2 x awnings

Shimmer spire

1 x 5m bell tent

Sentinels Repose

2 x 4m square
2 x 3m gazebo (T shape layout)

Phoenix Reach

1 x 9x5m
1 x 4m bell
1 x 3x5m awning


1 x 4m bell
1 x 2m awning


1 x PD Pumpkin (hopefully tent shaped)

Stormblood Spire

1x 4m bell tent

Highgate Garden

1 x hexagonal 2m

Chris Gallon

1 x 3m bell, near hammer

Hello Ariadne, thanks for posting this!
I can confirm that Halcyon will have one 4m bell, plus a 2x2m awning over the entrance.

The alleged shapes of Shatterspire’s pumpkin are:
E1: bell (I think it’s a 4m bell, it might be 5m)
E2: white marquee
E3/4: blue and white Burgundian

I think I’m going to have a blob on the map marked “Here be briars” for Shatterspire :wink:

One! One briar! And he’s never in! :stuck_out_tongue:

The Phoenix Reach setup is right for E1.

Do we have more of a map of who’s where yet?

I have a map, right now everything fits on in a vaguely sensible manner. I’m still playing a bit of Tetris to try and get the economic concerns into a better position without putting people in odd corners :slight_smile:

Oh, yes, worth noting that Shatterspire’s pumpkin is booked in the name of Ian Horne this year, which is different from last year…