E1 2017 Froth Thread

So I’ve just unpacked the van and driven it back to the hire place, am knackered but triumphant. So tell me about the good stuff at your event then? I’ll write mine down in a bit when I’ve showered and got used to this whole roof thing again :slight_smile: .


We added two Doctrines to the Way of Virtue.

That happened.

As a result of player action, because the Bonewall spent a year of bootleather and theology preparing for it, because we came in at the right time and the mood of the Empire was right, because of the support of many other PCs, some of whom I’ve probably never met; because we built on the foundations that were there.

Because about a hundred player characters voted for the motions.

Because we wrote them and raised them.

Because of all of this, the Empire declares that orcs have souls; that after death, they can become Ancestors to guide and advise living orcs; that orcs with a great legend become ancestors, and the Way of Virtue is a path to that greatness.

This event was all about that. There were bits and pieces of other things - some philosophical discussions reaching out to foreigners, followed by probably fucking it all up by refusing to dissemble about the part of Imperial society they’d find abhorrent; some other theology, including hearing second-hand the utter joy that is the Axou religion (which I’d love to be able to play as a PC somewhere :wink: ); a Condemnation for heresy, which I am absolutely sure is going to have some… repercussions within the nation; a plea for clemency and a testimony of “Subhuman Creature.”

But for me, this was an event of doctrine, of passionate declaration and logical explanation; of the work of the Imperial Synod, shaping the understanding of an Empire.

We made it happen, and the way the game is built made it difficult but possible; it took the effort that this kind of radical shaping of the wider world of the game should have.

And we wrote Doctrine.


Everything just clicked into place this event. At no point was I over-worked and stressed, at no point did I get bored. Even my To Do list is a list of things that are not urgent, they are just a list of fun things, and I am pretty relaxed and chilled about all of them.
Not being able to fight may be disappointing but actually I think it makes for a better event as is a) gives me more time and b) means I am not physically trashed by Saturday afternoon. Take note, self. :slight_smile:

Highlights include:

  • Bringing a newbie LRPer along and her just picking it up and running with it. You are going to be formidable, my dear. doffs cap
  • Getting the single ‘URGENT!’ thing on my To Do list sorted out by 6:10 Friday night, and the League gentleman performing the ritual managing to somehow nail exactly how Renata would see and feel the art of weapon creation despite us only having met a few minutes previously.
  • Adoption ceremony! We now officially have a new cousin!
  • Inter-Virtue Hallowing! I still have to decide what will happen as a result of it but it’s a problem worth having.
  • All of us in Casa Zabala seeming to find a niche but yet still have time for each other. Except possibly Tal’Shar, because being an Ambassador is hard work.
  • Having Lure of the Distant Shore performed on me by the Academy; being wrapped in paper, blindfolded, and showered with water and lentils and serenaded by sea monsters and storms has never been so fun.
  • Honradez heresy. I will miss you folks. You might have been heretics but you were always Freeborn. <3
  • Being requested for scrivener duty several times. I am going to up my kit for that now it seems to be a thing.
  • My egregores so gently and firmly shoving me back on the Freeborn path when I err. Love to you both.
  • Serious tagelmust mode. There were several times that what was happening felt serious enough to merit full-face tagelmust, and I like having that very visible and physical sign that Something Is Wrong.
  • Renata losing her temper and showing the Changeling rage for the first time. I’m glad I was holding a metal plate at the time; being able to throw that violently to the floor as I stood up to march to the Hub really felt real. It’s something I struggle with in real life and being able to do it IC in a safe way was… actually really good.
  • Ambition boat auction, and meeting new people as a result.
  • New boat-friends having a magical tent that literally forces Renata to sit down and chill out. It is good to have an IC self-care hideout, especially when you are OC struggling to work out all the way the roleplay effects are contradicting each other. Expect to take more of my money in future, Cenotaph. It was worth every ring.
  • Shattered Tower once more being welcoming to the random lineaged Freeborn late at night. Thank you for including us and encouraging us to share a Freeborn song. That reminds me; the Navaarii gentleman who sang the song about the Freeborn fleet needs to get a visit from Renata at some point. adds to To Do list
  • Getting time to see Raelyn properly this event. Those two are getting to be adorable, what is going wrong??
  • It looks like I will be considering negotiating one, possibly two marriage contracts next season. Let the paperwork begin. Now I’ve got to work out what on earth I might have to bring to the negotiation table other than my natural Changeling charm… eeep!

Druj treaty: On Friday I was shouting at Dawnish Earls and giving dramatic speeches with much dramatic pounding on tables. I then ended up escorting the Druj emissaries across Anvil. I got called a “voice of Wisdom” by some young Highborn who I had to talk out of attacking them. And then after all that, with the final motion of the final senate meeting approving a much worse treaty than I’d worked for, I walked back with one of our senators, and asked “When Lady X finds out about this, she WILL try to kill you. And probably me.” His reply: “Nah, we’ll be fine.” “Why?” “Timeout 2 minutes ago.”

Talking to Newbies and telling them long dramatic heroic tales of Dawn and Empire being generally awesome.

Killing Jotun on Sunday with a long list of Dawnish fallen. “And this one’s for A! And this one’s for B! And this one’s for C! And this one’s for D!”…

I never managed to go monster a skirmish… and I made a pile of sillies for looting off monsters. Ah well, next time.

Also a tribute: To the burly redcap with the short beard and the black kilt. Every time I saw him, he was labouring like a titan to keep the toilet block below Varushka working. Not quite enough loos at this event, but it would have been so much worse without the efforts of him and his fellows. Truly, it is a s****y job, but someone has to do it.


Crossposted (with the slightly more personal thank yous removed) from my Facebook, which will have cropped up on the general Empire Froth and the League group as well, here’s Marisa Alfero di Sarvos’ highlights:

  • THERE’S A LIBRARY NOW! COME SEE THE LIBRARY! DID I MAKE YOU VISIT THE LIBRARY YET? LIBRARY LIBRARY LIBRARY. Marisa is overjoyed, especially as she’s got a book in there and double-especially because they suggested she could become a librarian

  • Starting to feel like Marisa has a Place in Anvil. People know who she is, and what she’s interested in. Getting the Barrens guide done was a big part of this (I had such a gleeful squee every time someone tracked me down and asked for it, or wanted to know if Marisa knew about other horrible creatures, or let me ramble about parasites at them - bonus points to the horrified Dawnish in the Looking Glass queue begging me not to make yeofolk vomit on their shoes), as was minute taking for the Hospital

  • Fancy dinner at Goldbird’s. Their cheeseboard was immense

  • Redhands, you are lovely and have given me Marisa’s next book (working title: “A Modern Sarvosan’s Guide to the Imperial Orcs”). Between you and Gralka, Marisa’s come a long way from her initial just-fled-occupied-Sarvos fear of all things greenskinned, and the awkward balance between respect, academic fascination, and not-hating-Medea-Ruth is a definite highlight of my game

  • Getting a handle on Marisa’s brand of dramaturgy; the nature of the hospital environment makes it a bit frantic and potentially unimpressive, but I am liking the format of 'tell me about this Thing That’s Important To You, and make it real to the audience", making the target as much a player as the ritualists. Street magicians ftw. It’s a shame we failed to track down the Varushkan who wanted us to do a big Regio ritual as I have ideas for that too (next summit, I guess!)

  • Other magic stuff; finally getting traction on the ‘which order is for me?’ game. Next event I need to make a final decision (see next point for why it’s gotten a bit complicated) and get Arcane Mark cast on me for sure

  • Other other magic stuff, with a side order of politics: telling someone something, then being taken to see the proxy Holberg senator because it was an important something, then being told it needed to be brought before The Throne Herself because it was a very important something. Tracking other important people down because they also needed to know the something. Getting people talking about a motion with serious implications for the Ritual Game because of said something. Being told I was really good at the ‘find information, disseminate information to important people, link these people together’ game - which is both important to Marisa for reasons, and something that has me considering whether Celestial Arch would be a cleverer move than Unfettered Mind. Argh, decisions are hard.

  • Cicisbeo club! Even if I do feel a little like the peasant relation next to all the glorious, beautiful creatures who haven’t run away to be medical students. I massively enjoyed opening the gate (and the banter before it - debating whether ‘quaint’ or ‘rustic’ was a less insulting term for the Marchers), and look forward to tea and cakes with you all in the future.

  • Lovely things! As per usual, I come away from Empire with a pile of lovely things I have purchased IC, but this time I did particularly well with soap (the new Navarr teahouse is amazing and I love it, A+), ‘wider’ (again, Navarr; I should spend more time there! You are lovely), scented candles and the most beautiful chainmail bracelets


First event, and I did exactly none of the things I set out to do, and loved every second of it! I might have to create a new character if I do end up wanting to persue the goals, but I’ll have to see. There were a fair few moments I nearly cried in, which I didn’t expect, but was wonderful.

Forcing drunken Freeborn to eat food for their own good, and getting a massage through my chainmail.

Going to grab my sword in case a fight needed breaking up, when a Dawnish knight shouted, through tears, at the Leaguer who he blamed for his brother’s death.

Laughing at the antics of the children, especially as they went through the Sentinel Gate to fight Grendel, coming back victorious.

The sheer terror in the Saturday skirmish, as the Jotun tore through the Dawnish and League lines, trying to save as many as I could before the tide passed over their bodies. Watching Wintermark pass through to reinforce us, and watching them fall just as easily as the others. The panic as people try to escape through the Sentinel Gate, and the relief of Navarr pushing through at the last minute to help cover our retreat.

Talking about the nature of the role of the healer, and the pain of those you were unable to help.

Taking to the field a second time, carrying a crippled warrior the whole way back while running, and the relief of a mission completed without any losses.

Watching the Highguard procession come to the hospital, and standing beside the hospital librarian as he spoke a eulogy, to the sound of bells and lit only by the procession’s lanterns.

Watching someone cutting a Winter ritualist open to write the words out of his intestines.

Getting constantly cut off from the rest of the Brass Coast during the second battle, while I healed limbs and people. The frustration with the gate not opening, and growing fear as the Jotun wore away at our lines. A moment of Courage as I stepped into the shield wall to fill a gap, and the relief as the Imperial Orcs charged in from the side. Collapsing outside the portal and instantly getting seen to by the hospital, with magical healing.

Helping carry the fallen League egregore back to their camp, and the response from the League.

All in all, lots of combat and healing, not much else, but it was a lot of fun.


bonus points to the horrified Dawnish in the Looking Glass queue begging me not to make yeofolk vomit on their shoes)

A worm that replaces the tongue, you say?


Hot and nots at Empire year 5 event 1


Heat exhaustion after coming off the battlefield but the support from others of the empire who gave me shade and water to bring my temp back down Especially Dan who helped carry kit back to camp.

Losing 5 arrows but hopefully they turn up.

Being unable to monster the whole saturday battle after the crush, I had no other choice than to take a break.

Losing some incredible IC friends, losing three of them in one weekend was hard to bear. Kestrel Efe and Geraclt will be missed deeply by Faelan.

The pack down thinking I may have to bring my smaller IC tent and not big ic trunk its just too heavy nowadays.

Still not having got skein of years done on the empresses cloakpin desperately wanting to know what plot is there.

This goes into both categories, receiving news someone had said he was not going to be allowed to fight in battle again. Faelan has always been a combat character but he was always used to being the I am alone against the enemy I have to use my initiative to survive. So being told your not following orders then made sense as he still isnt used to the idea after five years of not fighting alone.


The weather was excellent for the time of year and the fact we had a great time with some great sunshine and great stars.

The funeral for Efe and roleplay for her end as well as the mission aready gone to hell before we even arrived and loosing four arrows and hitting 3 of them in the fight before getting pushed through the portal. Efe’s death and funeral was a crush for Faelan. He saw her as close family.

Paying half of his debt off to saura made him a happy fella as he didnt expect to cover that much.

Killing many jotun in the battle and using the new relentless skill to fix his own arm and shoot the jotun who cleaved him.

The roleplay of finding the person stopping him from going to battle and finding out the stuff that had been said and understanding the reasoning behind it, knowing how Carr fell and realising he was so used to doing things how he had done them with Britta was no longer acceptable and he has to maintain to a disciplined regimented unit now.

Being told he was a demon with a bow and a demon with swords, that was actually nice to hear as I often think my ability with bows and hand weapons nowadays are quite weak.

Fighting alongside the other Navarr and being able to share in such an incredible culture.

The time round the fire and in story and song time so he could spend time with his people and feel like he is Navarr.

The three hospital visits. First one Friday night, (Huge thanks to those involved in doing surgery.) the saturday after the skirmish having being chopped down on the back of his neck with an axe of halberd. The sunday getting beat up in the fight but managing to push through with some herbal healing.

Sitting and chilling with Navarr and roleplaying with lots more people.

Sitting before story time on saturday night and getting the fire going and seeing it go from a few bits of card and paper to decent camp fire brought back some awesome memories of being a beaver, cub scout, scout, explorer scout and then scout leader. Made me think of a lot of those I taught how to build a fire over the years.

Being in the chat in the forge with Ulric and the other generals and actually having time to chill a bit with Emma Stanton.

Prebattle with getting ready and seeing the team grow again and working as a big unit, I wish the new people who dont do herbs would see how much rich, cath, drew, Dave and Jenn do to get those potions that keep people alive together. I have to say without their efforts I truly believe more deaths would happen.

Last but not least and most important the tribute night to Geraclt, I joined empire on the first event ever and the man who made the culture was Jamie and he has proven to make the culture of navarr. He has gave us a family bond throughout all the groups and a ethos that gave me the feeling that navarr should mean, we stand alone together because even though we work for the empire, we go into the deepest darkest missions and places but no matter where we go we watch each others backs. I owe a lot to Jamie because he made us a people together primal but loyal and strong. So thank you to Jamie for that. Geract you will not be forgotten nor will Kestrel, Nor will Carr, Merryn Efe and all the others who fell.

Heres one last time for you Geract that we should finish on the traditional and original ending piece


Yay! Try one without the chain mail next time, it’s even better (and easier for me to do)

But, if I take my chainmail off, then I won’t be combat ready!

(Seriously though, I spent way too much time in my mail and I’m considering getting something easier to get in and out of)

For info: that kilted Redcap is Ben Stevens, aka “Bog Otter”, Truly a Hero of the highest order :slight_smile:


You guys added to that so well (thank you) Lady Tamain Sepulchre disapproves of Yeofolk vomiting on her :smiley:

My highlights have to be Challenging the entirety of Dawn in the glory square, and listening to storytime with heralds.


For me - learning about a bunch of player plans and antics made my event.

Someone even found a use for the Night Pouch spell - and an inspired one at that!


I had a pretty good if ambient game, no real moments of high drama or terror, but a lot of quiet satisfaction.

  • Best bits were attempting to convince a number of young Imperial Citizens that my cunning plan to do with Eternals was totes virtuous and all that. They were a harsh crowd. I’ve rarely been interrogated with such thoroughness. It’s kind of character forming when you’re looking at ritual requirements that include “1x small child” and you go “is my character ok with this? …yup appears so!” :slight_smile: .

  • “And we have a diplomatic incident on the left and on the right…Senate dance club. What is the word for this tableau…?”

  • Sneaking into Military Council for 20 minutes before being kicked out, remembering I could have just said “oh I’m x’s adjutant” some point later" :). It was more fun that way anyway.

  • A lot of useful sit down meetings, even if they were occasionally interrupted by heretics cleaving people’s legs for breaking other people’s hearts.

  • “Hi do you make x? Would you like to? I’ll pay you, I have materials!” Hustling the day through was fun. Likewise persuading people to make use of my “big board” was fun.

  • Being glib, being told off for being glib, being generally unapologetic about being glib.

  • Bumping into someone in disguise and after a moment to consider the situation offering them wine ;).

  • Actually getting to go and chase information with a chapter buddy after missing each other the whole day, must do that again :slight_smile:

  • Chairing half a meeting of an Order while still technically not being a member :slight_smile: (I really should sort that out…)

  • Enjoying some epic fashion and epic speeches in conclave, which on the Friday night when I made it was genuinely fun the whole time. Thank you The Looking Glass Ladies and the magister in question.

  • Watching stuff in the Synod really kicking off, the whole game seems to have just continued to build momentum following the last two games kicking it into high gear. It’s great to see all the game’s gears intermeshed and whirling away, crushing stuff in it’s path :smiley:.

  • Kudos to the the player of a certain Grendel NPC who I never met, but who made a hell of a lot of game for me just by existing and me tiptoeing round.

  • And seeing the fallout from my previous character’s death continue to roll around the field causing trouble and feelings, must have done something right there ;).


Retired a character on Saturday morning because the big thing I wanted them to do was thrown at another group as random plot. They had been stagnating a bit anyway so I wasn’t overly emotional about it.
New meddling priest bought in for Symposium.
I got to speak for one side of a debate.
Became assistant Inquisitior for Courage, got dropped in it and had to run and Inquisition because the Inquisitor went off on skirmish.
Shortest Inquisition ever
Vengeance heretic mess
More priesting
More meddling
Cast Voice for The Dead so someone could say their last goodbyes.
Overall a good event, so many IC letters to write, so much meddling to do.