E4 2015 Urizen tent plan


Please note that Urizen have moved and we are now on the left hand side of the road going up to the back gate, where brass coast were at E3.

Full tents list I have is:

Endsmeet/Sentinel’s Repose/Enlightenment
1 x 8m bell
2 x 5m bell
1 x 3m bell
2 x 4m square (hammer + Endsmeet)
2 x 4m square (repose inc gazebo)
1 x repose rectangle tent
1 x other rectangle tent
1 x large tent (house of rings)

Auric Horizon
Emperor + annex
5 x 5m bell
2 x 4m bell
1 x 3 m bell
1 x tripstein
1 x 3m sail
2 firepits

2 x emperor bells
1 x 5m bell
1 x ridge tent
1 x awning
1 firepit

Phoenix Reach
Big tent
1 x 5m bell

1 x 4m bell

1x 4m bell
1x 3m awning

Pd pumpkin

1 x 5m bell

1 x 6m bell

James Harrison
1 x 5m bell