E4 2017 Camp Planning

Sarah Clark, your friendly camp planner here. For our new players: we’re usually pretty tight on space for the IC camping area so we try to make a rough plan of the national camp for each event. Priority is given to group tents, families with young children and people with access issues so please note these on the spreadsheet (linked below) and I will prioritise accordingly. Depending on the space available, other tents may need to be positioned away from your group tent and might have to move to the OC area.

I’m aiming to get a first cut of The Plan for E4 up this weekend so please nudge ppl who don’t access the Forums or Facebook. If you can’t edit the spreadsheet, drop me a PM with the details and I’ll do it for you. I need a contact name, description of the tent, group name (so I know who to locate you with) and size of the canvas (e.g. Sarah Clark, 4m bell tent + guys, need space for small firepit).

Current Spreadsheet:-

2017 E4 (September) Varushka Camp Planning 2017-E4 - Google Tabellen