EL wire for mage armour?

Thanks for input into discussion on mage armour. Think I am going to use felt, and have a try at handfelting, as this should stand out from kit as being distinct from scruffy practical clothes.

I was wondering about incorporating EL wire, or other lighting. Probably wouldn’t have it lit up all the time, as that’s no good for sneaking around, just for rituals and other particularly magical occasions. Do people think this would look interestingly magical, or just horribly OC?

For people who have tried EL wire before, how difficult is it to work with, and how does it stand up to four days in a muddy field?

I can’t make a decision on the OC vs magic. If it were very stark it would be obviously OC, but if it were subtle and softened with some fabric or something it might be OK?

Yes - I was wondering about felting it into the edges of the leaves, though then I couldn’t take it out for maintenance.

I’ve seen it used very effectively for Urizeni mage armour, but having tried to use some myself I will say that the power box will often make a high-pitched and very audible whining noise in operation. I got rid of it from my own kit for that reason.