Empire Art Prints from Irina Goodwin

Hi all!

I’m Irina Goodwin, player of Constanza i Kalamar i Guerra, in character and out of character artist of Faces of the Empire and the groovy art currently adorning the setting’s Bourse Notes. By popular demand I am now doing a limited run of art prints, starting with a set of Empire Art! Please come check out my Facebook Art page here: Igginova: Art by Irina Goodwin

HERE is a general post about the run of prints I’m doing, and the actual posts for specific prints can be found in the most recent feed, although I’ve put links to them below as well:-

Faces of the Empire: Full Picture
Faces of the Empire: Partial Bookmarks
Faces of the Empire: Wintermark
Faces of the Empire: Imperial Orcs
Faces of the Empire: Varushka
Faces of the Empire: Brass Coast
Faces of the Empire: The Marches
Faces of the Empire: Navarr
Faces of the Empire: Highguard
Faces of the Empire: Dawn
Faces of the Empire: Urizen
Faces of the Empire: The League
Bourse Note Tableau
Lizabetta on the Throne

Even if you’re not interesting in buying anything, please do come along and just enjoy looking at the art - maybe leave some likes, comments, shares, and of course like and follow to keep up with my art activities. :slight_smile:


Also, I’ve made a more user friendly post which lists all the prints in ONE PLACE!

Although in truth it’ll just send you over to this Ko-Fi Gallery which is all nicely formatted and stuff. It also has the benefit of a little button where you can send me small amounts of money just because you think I’m cool and you’d like to contribute to my art supplies.

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