Empire discord


A community maintained server with many active members from all Empire nations and walks of IC life.
Note: Not an official PD run resource

Click here to join!


The link appears to have expired and I can’t find any active links anywhere? Is the Discord still active? and if so could you issue a new link?


Ok, so I found a more recent link on facebook. These do seem to have a relatively short timeout on them though: https://discord.gg/7vWzbAU


Yes it’s to avoid it being flooded with trolls, which happened a while back.


Hey! Here’s a permanent link:


thank you


I recommend entering at your own risk. There is a lot of people on the server (around 200) and all though only a fraction of them are on at one time (maybe 20) things can get a bit hectic, especially when the ‘memes’ start flying AKA, a few people spam the same pictures over and over again. If you are able to stand that and not always being noticed in a sea of text, you will find that people are friendly and it may help you prepare for the next event.

That was my first impression at least. There are quite moments but usually that is when no one is saying anything.


Quiet moments do generally happen when nobody talks :wink:

I don’t find it much of an issue really. The nature of Discord is that you can mute certain channels if they’re irrelevant or annoying. You can also mute the entire server and have it only notify you when you’ve been mentioned (by someone typing @username). Aside from the memes and salt mines channels, it’s all pretty wholesome, friendly and informative, plus it’s ran to the same language and conduct rules as any official PD medium.


What I meant was when one person talks, it seems everyone talks and then there will be nothing for a little while.

With the whole thing about it being wholesome, I’ve found that usually it is but then there are times where everyone is pretending things are wholesome and I feel there are some dirty jokes being made that I don’t fully understand.

I just wasn’t prepared for what I would find basically.