Empire Player Events 2022/2023

Here’s a thread for all Empire player events this year and into next.

Please post the event name, date, location and a brief summary of what it’s all about plus a link to your website or FB page.

I would also recommend advertising your player events on Empire LRP Event Ads on FB, The unofficial Empire LRP discord (search the forum for a current invite) and www.larpevents.co.uk


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HISTORY & VIRTUE II: History Harder
Saturday 18th February
7pm - Midnight
The Roman Baths, Bath

Price: TBC
Website: https://www.historyandvirtue.co.uk/
Facebook Group: Redirecting...
Facebook Event: Redirecting...

The Navigators of Virtue open their doors once again to the ruins of an ancient Bathhouse discovered behind a wall. It will be an evening to discuss history and its relation to Virtue, as well as admire the Bastion skyline in the company of fellow Imperial citizens.

More information will be provided closer to the time. Please keep an eye on the links above for updates.

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The Hahnmark Bake-Off
12th - 14th August
Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

You are cordially invited to the most glorious baking event of the season! With the passing of ownership of the original Piesmith branch to the hands of its new owner, a celebratory feast shall commence with the opportunity for fellow bakers of the empire to come together for the chance of becoming a baking hero.
Join Inga and Eadric in Hahnmark this summer to celebrate food culture and innovation from around the Empire. Enter for the chance to win glorious prizes; or help us decide who should be awarded them.

This is a two night event Friday 12th to Sunday 14th august 2022. (Time in Sat & Sun only).
Location: Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.
Tickets: £45.

You can sign up to play as a character entering the baking contest, or an attendee. Baker characters receive a £5 ticket discount due to the requirement to bring an entry and ensure there is enough for the judges (all the other characters!) to try a small piece.
Saturday night dinner provided by the Piesmith and Inga, this will be a main of pie and veg followed by baked goods for dessert.
Accommodation is provided, there are several bedrooms which will be shared by up to 10 people in bunk beds. Facilities include showers and a kitchen.

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Stories in Sigehold
Sat 13th August, 18:30-22:00
The Gregson Centre in Lancaster
£6 to cover venue and food

The Skeinsworn of Sigehold have stories to tell to remember the skeins of their fallen and strengthen those still being woven.

Come to listen and come to tell your tales. Come to feast and come to toast - to the fallen and to the future!

Time in will be approximately 7:30, Time out will be between 10:30 and 11pm to give us time to clear up.

FB Event: here

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Friday 31st March to Sunday 2nd April 2023
Arrival from 10am Friday 31st with time in at approx. 3pm, leave by 10am Sunday
St Giles House, Wimborne St Giles, Dorset

Price: £170 approx with accommodation and dinners included
Facebook Event: Redirecting...
Interest Form: https://forms.gle/jrUsDqNC7LpQG1Gm6

House Larmallevés invite you to their Chateau for a weekend of feasts, song, dance and tourneys. This is an Empire Player Event.

The Chateau of a Second Dawn is located in Astolat, just off the Blood Red Road near Brightway. All Imperial Citizens are welcome to attend with up to 200 places available.

Accommodation/ pitching of tents is included in the ticket price as is dinner on Friday and Saturday, Hog Roast Feast along with a more simple buffet. The venue have 30 bell tents available for use along with some more glamourous hotel like facilities. There is the facility for you to pitch your own bell tents too but this is only if numbers are oversubscribed for the facilities on site.

Tickets are looking in the region of £170 with dinners included. Friday Arrival (from 10am) and Sunday departure (by 10am). Price is still TBC as I am waiting on caters to give final costings


A Tale of Favours
Saturday 19th November
2pm - 8pm (with OC time surrounding it)
St Pauls Church, Chippenham
Price TBC (sub £50)

Facebook Event: https://fb.me/e/1Y7pNymKm
Interest Form: https://forms.gle/MsDddWfHc4bQJuV99

The IC event itself is a ball hosted by House Montrose of Dawn for the birthday celebration of their Earl. There’ll be plenty of chances for dancing, gossip, storytelling, and maybe even some Black Knight mystery. It’ll be held in Astolat and welcome any citizen of the Empire into the party.

It’ll be a 6 hour time in, with an hour either side for chats, plus a good pub 2 minutes down the road for afterwards. It’s a 3 minutes walk from Chippenham train station, which get’s to Bath in 10min, and Bristol in 20min. There is some parking on site, with free on road parking around. Ticket prices will be sub £50, confirmation to follow when tickets go on sale. Food and soft drinks provided. This is a no alcohol event.


House de Rondell Autumn Celebration Feast
Ullet Road Unitarian Church, Liverpool

A social event open to all with performances and food


The Grand Little Mothers Ball
Saturday 18th February
6pm - Midnight
Birmingham City Council House, Birmingham

Price: TBC
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/398609745003570/
Facebook Event: https://fb.me/e/1LiMq9l6l

A masquerade ball, a final push to rebuild the Basilica of the Little Mother, in true League style. Dancing, music, a grand auction and bumping the shoulders with the great and the good of the empire! We are going big this year! Come and show off your fancy frocks and gladrags in opulent surroundings!


King’s Stoke Wassail IX
27-29 January 2023
Yorkshire Museum of Farming, Murton Park, York

Facebook event: King's Stoke Wassail IX
Website: http://www.kingsstoke.org.uk/

The Steward and People of King’s Stoke invite friends to join them at their village, as they have done every year since the Breaking of the King, to celebrate the harvest and remember the dead.

An event for Marchers and friends. Catering will be provided by Serve it Forth.

Further details including prices and booking information will follow, but for now, save the date!


The Printers’ Guild Ball
12 November 2022
Burton Town Hall, King Edward Pl, Burton-on-Trent, DE14 2EB

Once more we gather for the grandest occasion in the Empire’s social calendar, the Printers’ Guild Ball and Awards.

It’s time to recognise the achievements and to reward the worthy citizens of the Empire at this most prestigious celebration.

Return to the imposing Wunderkind, the most awe-inspiring business in the known world. Marvel at the investment made to this Wonder of the League.

This is a one night social event from 4pm to midnight.

Tickets go on sale on 18 August 2022 at 8pm. The link for tickets will be shared on our facebook page and more information is available there - Empire LRP: The Printers' Guild | Facebook