Empire: RPG (IC - Tabletop)

At E4 we play tested the IC Tabletop RPG. It worked. With a couple of tweaks, to take account of some of the things learned in the play test, I am finally ready to release the game unto the world. :ugeek:

Before anyone else says it, I know this level of recursion is not to everyone’s taste. However, we found it great fun to roleplay our characters roleplaying their characters. I am doing this with the ‘blessing’ of Matt. He thinks I’m barking mad, but then he may be right.

The PDF of the rules set is here. db.tt/rietiYxQ Character Sheet PDF Here.dropbox.com/s/0kt2cn0di688hfd/Character%20Sheet.pdf (4 small sheets on an A4 page.)
It is a very short 4 pages long. Suitable for players and “Ringmasters” alike. Where ever possible, the rules of this game, are the rules of PDs game, so to speak. There is no “Player’s Handbook”, or “Ringmaster’s Guide” yet, though how long it is before some enterprising soul starts producing “Splat Books”, Monster Manuals and Random Encounter Tables is anyone’s guess.

There is a Skills Tree. Skills are the same skills as PD has put in the game. Though there are a few new skills, added to take into account the small fantasy element. This consists almost entirely of one small change. Horses never went extinct.
All new skills are horse-related. Fully one quarter of the rules (one page) are there to cope with Horses.

I have a short campaign which can be run by anyone who wishes. To avoid spoilers, I would ask that only those wishing to run a game contact me for a copy of the campaign.

I unleash The Game upon The Empire.

Fly my pretties, Fly - Fly - Fly. :smiling_imp: