Empire Wiki converted to PDF

In the run up to E1 I managed to get the whole of the Wiki compressed into a single PDF document. It seemed fairly popular so I thought I’d give it another go, you can get a copy here: dropbox.com/s/r3oe58t2ok2oa0t/empire.pdf

The file’s 61MB in size and weighs in at 3671 pages!

Standard disclaimers apply, this is a snapshot of a constantly moving target and if there’s any discrepancy between this file and the wiki, the wiki’s right.

The link is disabled. :slight_smile:

Would love to get this before the event. Much easier than going to god and taking up a PC :slight_smile:

Thanks for making the PDF!

Still disabled :frowning:

This would be awesome!

Months later he notices that somebody has replied to his post…

Dropbox helpfully kill my share links. I’ve regenerated the PDF based on the Wiki as it was this morning (8th Sept 2014): dropbox.com/s/lwp4i8q0qkl42 … e.pdf?dl=0 (76 MB)

great work :slight_smile:

Thank you… I reckon I shall be printing out selected sections from that.

I’m curious: how did you make it?

I don’t suppose we can have an updated one of this?

Loved having it in PDF but lost it now T_T


For various personal reasons, I haven’t been able to make Empire since year 1 and I lost enthusiasm for producing a complete copy of the rules for a system I wasn’t actively playing. :slight_smile:

Oddly enough, I was just talking to somebody in the pub yesterday about doing things with the Wiki, I’ve still got all the scripts, but it looks as though somebody else has taken up the baton.