Epic Armory and Thrusting Weapons

To those of you who have used Epic Armory Polearms and Spears in an Empire session, were your weapons considered thrusting safe? If not, do you have any recommendations for thrusting safe polearms and spears? If so, which weapon did you use?

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I’m afraid I’ve never used an Epic Armour weapon.

However, for thrust safe weapons, I would generally recommend Saxon Violence as doing some really nice ones. I’ve had two from them over the years both of which were a joy to fight with.

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The Epic Armoury polearms aren’t built to be thrust safe sadly. Grab a Saxon Violence or Light Armoury polearm at an event if possible, both are excellent makers, I have spears from both.

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If a larp weapon is thrust safe, it will almost always be advertised as such.
To make it clear, thrust safe weapons are built with extra reinforcement and a tip of softer, spongy foam that collapses in when you thrust, and springs back to shape after. Standard larp weapons have a more solid, closed cell foam that doesn’t spring back well when compressed.

I’m going to echo “buy a polearm at an event unless you know exactly what you want”. You’ll be better able to judge the weight and balance you like, and confirm it’s thrust safe. Personally, I love Saxon Violence’s thrust-safe weapons and I’ve had him make a number of commissions. However, they’re kind of chunky and may not be to everyone’s taste.


Echoing the recommendation for Saxon Violence weapons. I’ve owned two thrust safe spears from them and they’ve been fantastic.

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I’m a spear user and I will echo the above recommendations for Saxon Violence. Their thrust safe polearms are fantastic.