Esp. Calling members of the Wisdom Assembly


I’m thinking of getting few t-shirts printed to the design here:

Is anybody else going to want any? If so I group the order up. I haven’t got prices etc; yet I am just try to gauge if there is any interest.

Oh - I don;'t want to do loads of options and turn this into anything complicated - so I’m only going to do one design - and am also planning white on a black shirt in case it wasn’t obvious… (unless there is significant interest on a single alternative).


I’m probably not up for an OC tshirt but that judgement made my character’s day.


To be fair - Varushkan National Assembly also said Nice is not a virtue :slight_smile:


They did. But 1) my character is not a Varushkan assembly member, 2) i find it more amusing to focus on the wisdom assembly although that could be me.

If you want the files and contacts to do a Varushkan set i am happy to pass them on, but would rather not herd a second flock of cats^w larpers.


I would have one it was a great judgement


I “could be” convinced - would be a great t-shirt to wear pre getting into kit on a friday afternoon.


Potentially very interested in grabbing 2 of these (one for myself, one for a certain Grumpy Fish) :smiley:


Guys; what I really need is an Idea of what size you need; otherwise I might not get the right mix all come in my size.

sizes are: - S 34/36" M 38/40" L 42/44" XL 46/48" 2XL 50/52" 3XL 54/56" 4XL 58/60" 5XL 62/64

I’ll be on the field form lunchtime Friday most likely; or for a bit extra I might be persuaded to put them in the post pre event. They look like that are to come in at around 10 pounds; a little less if loads of people sign up.


PM sent


I know I would be interested in some for E4


OK; Guys - I’ve goen a different route and at the numbers indicated this is cheaper too.

Order your own from here :