Examples of the Brass Coast look?

I have managed to find some pictures of people dressing up in Brass Coast styles but i haven’t found many pictures. On top of this most of the pictures i have found are of guys (I’m a chick). Some of the dress styles are very different from each other too…So i was wondering if anyone knows of any good links etc to look at a good variety styles of costume expected of the Brass Coast look?

Have you had a look through this page and the links at the bottom?

profounddecisions.co.uk/empi … t_costumes

There are a couple of examples here worth a look and that includes some made from shop bought stuff put together alongside the ones they made themselves.

Will hunt down some more examples for you later :slight_smile:.

LauraH: Thanks! I had seen the main article but i hadn’t checked out the links at the bottom (have signed up to Pinterest now ^_^v ).
Mark_Wilkin: Thanks a bunch! Really love her costumes.


  1. Whats the deal with the horns? I see some Brass Coast people wearing horns while others not…
  2. Does everybody wear turbans & veils in the Brass Coast?

profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Lineage should answer your questions on that one; specifically, horns are a trapping of the Cambion lineage and antlers a trapping of the Changeling.

Aha thanks CogGirl- that makes a lot more sense now. I take it there is nothing wrong in just being a regular human (that you don’t have to have a lineage)? How popular is it for people to choose lineages?

(Oh sorry, and another question: Is it common for girls/women to wear skirts or are harem pants definitely the way to go?)

Not being lineaged is fine and dandy, they’re an option for people who enjoy wearing make-up and prosthetics plus taking on some particular traits for their characters roleplay. Playing lineage is quite popular and they’re certainly noticeable, but I think non-lineaged folk still edge them out as it does add that extra prep time of a morning when you’re getting kitted up.

And from what I’ve seen the women of the Brass Coast wear both, depending on whatever’s most practical at the time. Will let them speak for themselves though :slight_smile:.

Here are a few pictures I took of nice Brass Coast kit at event 9:


Ah, what the heck, one from E10 too:


Thanks for the pictures Tom :slight_smile: !

And here’s a bunch more that should give you an ideas about colours people use on the field if nothing else and quite a few of these folk are wearing brightly coloured trousers underneath the many swirling layers.

By Jo Perridge

By Jo Perridge

By Jo Perridge

By Tom Garnett

By Tom Garnett

By Tom Garnett

c1.staticflickr.com/3/2852/8990409413_38934fbf60_z.jpgE2_063 by Clare Selley, on Flickr

By Oliver Facey

By Oliver Facey

c1.staticflickr.com/3/2872/9248656733_71ea5258bf_z.jpgE2_1129 by Clare Selley, on Flickr

By Jo Perridge

So sorry about the mega-late reply! But I wanted to say thank you for all the great examples you provided Mark- they were very helpful!

One thing that bugs me about the whole Brass Coast look is the (more or less) cultural ban on garments which make much use of the colours white & black. On top of this many of the examples I have seen since of Brass Coast clothing use far brighter fabrics than the ones I initially saw (which although colourful, were more toned down).

And so it had me all thinking: is Brass Coast really for me? Hmm…

I like colour but I also really like combining black, white or creams with brighter colours (and I like embroidered stuff a lot even though I don’t own much stuff in that department). Since this thread I did more research and I’m now wondering if the Varushka look is more suited to my actual personal style (I have this general idea that I will feel much happier wearing clothing styles & colours more in keeping with my more “real world” wardrobe). In general I love costume and I often incorporate more costume-like pieces into more regular clothes.

So (if it’s ok of course?) I think I might make a thread on Varushka style too and ask advice on that and compare the various costume style options before committing to one nation.

Thanks again for all your help so far (and I’m sorry to be a hindrance!) ^_^v .

Of course :slight_smile: Please do start up a new thread and we’ll do the same for Varushka.

I wouldn’t go as far to interpret the meanings of blacks and whites as a cultural ban. You can absolutely include these colours in your kit, it’s just important to appreciate the meaning of those colours. We are freeborn after all, wear what you feel like and don’t let anyone shame you into changing the way you present yourself.

I’d say touches of white are much more acceptable than touches of black.

A touch of white doesn’t really mean you’re poor: the rest of your clothing is dyed, so you could probably have dyed it if you wanted. But a touch of black cloth always indicates death; so you’d need some sort of reason for it when the question comes up, or you’re just cursing yourself to die.

I’ve seen people explain black clothes as something they wear going into battle, as black cloth carries you safely into death. To them it’s a way of excepting that there is a possibility that they wont make it back. Others have worn bits of black to show that they are in mourning for someone. Either way if you have small bits of black on a piece of clothing that otherwise fits the typical bright colour trend then nobody is likely to make a fuss about it ic, it’s only if you’re wearing something that is predominantly black that anyone is likely to make an ic comment.