Face Paint Brands

Greetings fellow Navarr! I’ve been to a few events over the past years now and I usually just nick a bit of whatever face paint my friends have to hand. Now that I’m starting to take larping more seriously, I’m looking to invest in a few more Navarri essentials - one of those being face paint. So I’m looking for advice - what brand do you use and why? Links would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the forums beetleboy :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I can’t give you any definitive answers, but the facepainters will likely be along shortly.

I suspect you’ll get reccomended everything from Snazzaroo to liquid eyeliner…

Major criteria for facepaint, as I’m sure you’ve found, includes sweat-resistance, ability to get it on/off, and likelihood to melt in the heat…

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(Disclaimer: Not in Navarr anymore, although I spent 2.5 events there last year)

I used snazaroo for mine, specifically the red and black pans from this set: Ultimate Party Pack - Face Paint Party Kit | Snazaroo - UK
My choice was largely down to it being what I had, as well as easily transportable, as I removed the individual pans from the plastic packaging, and just took the ones I needed in a makeup bag.

However, I never had any problems with longevity/wear. I sealed the paint with hairspray after drying (be careful around your eyes!), and one event it managed to last through a torrential rainstorm, and looked just as good afterwards!

Snazaroo can vary in quality depending on which colour you use, but I find their black to be excellent, and have had no problems with their red or brown either.


I use Kryolan Aquacolour which are more expensive but are brighter and longer lasting as it is theatre grade makeup. I also use their setting spray which stands up to pretty much anything. Snazz and hairspray is still good and will withstand most of a day, but the Kryolan setting spray literally prevents paint from running even when you submerge it.

All depends how much you want to spend :slight_smile:

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Thank you, folks. I’m looking to keep it fairly cheap so I’ll probably end up going with Snazaroo, based off these replies.

Sorry to be slow seeing this.
When you say face paint, are you looking to do tattoos, warpaint or both?

For red tattoos, I use a maybelline lip liner pencil https://www.amazon.co.uk/Maybelline-Color-Sensational-Liner-Hollywood/dp/B0079Z4JE2 - I find one application lasts me the weekend despite being a heavy sweating type. It’s a little faded on Sunday but I think that’s largely because I wake up with copies of my binding of thorns transferred onto my forearms each morning!

My character also has blue tattoos, for which I use a couple of liquid eyeliner pens. They have a fine tip that’s half way between a brush and a felt tip pen. I think they are maybelline too but I can’t swear to it and am not in a position to check. I don’t think any of them cost me as much as a cake of snazz and are easier to have in my bag in case I do need to make emergency repairs in a toilet block.

Assuming that you aren’t in the Navarr facebook group, there have been discussions about this now and again. For a quick and dirty summary, transfer printer paper gets recommended often, for both laser and inkjet, along with temporary tattoo inks and alcohol-based paints (the advantage there being that snazaroo warpaint can be rinsed off without affecting the tattoo work). People have also recommended a mix of prosthetic adhesive and acrylic paint (commonly referred to as “pax”), a variety of waterproof liquid eyeliners, greasepaint, sharpie pens and a website that sells temporary tattoos. Many also recommend using a fixing powder/spray or hair spray to seal any paint and make it last longer, not tried it myself but probably should.

A trick attributed to the imperial orcs is to wet snazz with fixing spray instead of water, apply as normal and then spray over it again once dry.

Things specifically mentioned to avoid are Citadel acrylic paints (and probably any other brand meant for toy soldiers) and semi-permanent hair dye.

While I don’t have links for most, the following brands get recommended, which I’ve broken down by type below.

Alcohol-based: Temptu Pro Dura (liquid); Mr Dashbo.

Print-at-home tattoo paper: Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper https://www.amazon.co.uk/Silhouettes-MEDIA-TATTOO-Silhouette-Temporary-Tattoo/dp/B0043WJ3OA

Ready-made tattoo transfers: www.tattooforaweek.com

Temporary tattoo ink: Colorini; Stargazer tattoo pens; Ladot Ink

Waterproof liquid eyeliner: YANQINA Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Eye Liner Pencil Pen H4l9 for sale online | eBay

Hope some/any of that is useful!