Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

I would just like to applaud PD for this opportunity

And the forthcoming quests to capture strange and fantastic beasts for the menagerie :slight_smile:. I just hope we adults get the chance to get in on the fun too :smiley:.

Also I applaud the academy’s decision to grab hold of the Keeper of the Imperial Menagerie position with both hands and not let go :smiley:.


I love that this is a thing. I am curious as to what “Tears of a Rahkashsha” do?

“A rakshasa exudes Winter-infused blood from ducts round the eyes which, if collected, can be distilled into both mana of the Winter Realm and into a potent drug. This drug has a powerful effect on the human mind – it is said to cool sorrow, quench grief and aid in soothing, deep sleep even in the face of horrific malisons. The traumatised, grieving and cursed are all said to seek solace from the tears of the rakshasa.”

Why not ask Kay Griffinsbain, current keeper how much a dose is? :slight_smile:


I shall do just that. I did not know who they were so ill have a poke about. That name sounds Dwanish to me.

Aha, so this is why my boyar went and founded an empire-wide hunting fellowship last time out! This is going to be great.