Favourite songs?

I’m trying to learn some widely loved songs before April so let me know your favourites IC :slight_smile:

I reccomend the Imperial Battle Anthem, and the March of Cambreadth.

Something stompy to sing in battle! :smile:

Learn the battle anthem, quite a lot of the field know that one, or at least the chorus without the words in front of them.

After that learn anything you like the sound of. There’s plenty of nation appropriate stuff on the wiki which will give you a feel for your national sound, and if one or 2 from elsewhere strike your fancy you can have legit picked them up in your travels.

After that the more songs the merrier, and filking is great too (your own words to a well known tune). Just watch out for too many references to only men going to battle (kin is usually a good substitution) and not all the romances have to be hetero!

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@Geoffrey_Willoughby - Thanks I’ll give it a check although I’m mainly going to be playing around fires and taverns.

I’m going to be BC so I’ve got a few down from there but I’m open to songs that if I travel to different camps I could play and people would know and enjoy.

@CharlieP Thanks but I’m more of an instrumentalist and less a singer but I’m sure I can come up with something. I’ve been doing a lot of wiki research for what I currently know.

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You should definitely check out the Brass Coast musicians facebook group. Between us we’ve created/written/filked dozens of songs that you won’t find on the wiki.

I’m already there and have been looking, I’m kind of sorted with BC songs but I think it would be nice to know a few songs that people from other groups like :slight_smile:

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