First-time RPer Wintermarkers

I have a couple of friends who will be coming next Empire, and this won’t only be their first Empire, or their first LARP, but their first RP experience.

Unfortunately, I won’t have a chance to pop down to visit them and run a tabletop campaign to get them in the mood and a little bit more understanding, so I was wondering if you guys had any tips to help them out, specifically in Wintermark. Anything to get them involved, first-day, and get them in the head of not quite being themselves per se?

Well they should definately get in touch with the new player team before the event at and make sure they get along to the new player session that should run 4-8pm on the Friday somewhere on site.

The new player team should also flag them up to your Egregore, now I’ll leave the rest of Wintermark to answer the rest of your question :slight_smile:.

Memorise/invent some interesting bits of character-history or IC anecdotes for sharing around the fire-pit (or elsewhere). This needn’t be a grand scop’s recital, though equally it very well could be! It could just be for chatter.

Join in singing around the fire pit/huddled under any random group’s awning (everyone is genuinely very welcoming and friendly like that). The singing is especially important if the weather is miserable- The Mud Song got me through E2 this year XD.

Visit the taverns (especially the Three Rings, of course- can’t pretend I’m not biased when I’m now a co-Thane of the Hall that runs it XD). And other social-tents. Accept offers of free food!

Talk to people- it sounds either easy or scary depending on your outlook, but either way it’s worth it!

Have a good read of the Wintermark traditions, other bits of Wintermark culture etc from the wiki as fancy dictates, maybe the Imperial Virtues- be comfortable that you have some small amount of knowledge of the world your character comes from. No need to memorise massive chunks or anything, but just a little real knowledge enables people to RP that bit more/better.

And, perhaps controversially, I say thinking of fictional characters that your character might resemble personality-wise is a good idea. Not trying to copy any one established character or anything, but thinking of several, and different ways in which your character is like them, is something I find helpful for RP, and especially LARP

It’s definately worth having a look at the music part of the Wintermark page - The Battle Anthem is a classic imho :slight_smile:. Try printing some songs out and getting them to sing them on the drive down, some of songs have MP3s to sing along with.