Five things about empire

So, each of our Nations has a section on the front page called “Five Things to know about (Nation)”. We’ve long discussed the failure to get a page like this up for the Empire world, or the Empire as a whole. We’ve just never gotten round to it.

So if you were writing it, what five things might you include? The format “a bolded sentence and then two or three short sentences expanding on that sentence” is as good a way to do it as any.

Alternatively, if you were writing a theoretical Clickbait article with a title like “Five WTF Things about the Empire that everyone knows but nobody talks about! #3 will change how you think about everything!!” what would you write?


I believe that such a page does in fact exist at /empire-wiki/empire_overview :slight_smile:

That being said these would be my five,just the headlines for now but I’ll edit in sentences afterwards maybe.

Power comes from your deeds and your peers, not who you are
We are guided by Virtue
We will fight for our destiny
Our differences make us stronger
Something about the civil service and the law

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Ten Nations, One Throne- In harmony our strength is multiplied
Stand on your own two feet- Your success is defined by your actions not by an accident of birth.
The Civil Service Serves the People- The Civil service ensure the smooth running of the empire without fear or favor.
The Way is our Guide and We are a Beacon of the Way- we follow the tenets of the way and work to see others find the path.
Beset by Enemies, we stand- The Empire has foes on almost all its borders yet we rise to fight them undaunted.


“Something, something civil service; something, something dark side…”

I’ll write an actual response in the requested format later, but as a general feeling if I was a new player what I would want to see is not poetic statements but simple facts that you would look really stupid if you got wrong. To steal good ones posted so far, but with added/different flavour text:

Ten Nations, One Throne - The Empire consists of 10 separate nations each with their own unique cultural flavour, but ultimately work together under the leadership of the Empress.
We are guided by Virtue - every Imperial Citizen is taught the Imperial Religion (insert link to page). Debate and experimentation on details occurs, but few would dare admit to disagreeing with it wholesale.
The Civil Service Serves the People - the Civil Service are NPC who cannot be corrupted. This is to ensure the smooth running of the game while keeping them IC. They cannot hold imperial positions, those are reserved for the players.

I think it’s missing something about war and something about magic.

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