Forum Rules

Hi this is a forum about Empire, the LRP game from Profound Decisions. Please use it to chat about the game background, rules, costume, group concepts and anything else related to Empire that strikes your fancy.

PD Staff will be posting on this forum, but they’re normally quite busy so if you want to guarantee getting an answer to your question please contact PD directly. But please have a search of the wiki and the forum first before emailing.

You’ll be able to spot PD Staff when they post on the forum as they’ll have this title “PD Staff” and the forum moderation team will have this one “Moderation Team” .

The Rules

Fundamentally there is only rule here “Don’t be a dick” (aka Wheaton’s Law) but let’s break that down into some specifics.

Please treat each other with respect, that means don’t take your frustrations out on other people, harass, bully, abuse or make any kind of personal attack via the forum. Treat people the way they would want to be treated (within reason). “Because it’s funny” isn’t an excuse.

Remember that players in Empire will come from many different traditions of LRP, so just because they don’t do things the way you do them doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. Respect their opinion, assume good faith and remember that sometimes you need to work a little harder to make yourself understood over the internet, where it’s easy to mistake someone’s intent and you’re talking to strangers not just your friends who get the joke.

Please keep your posts on topic, this forum is about Empire it’s not a general LRP forum so if the discussion strays too far away the subject of Empire we’ll ask you to take it elsewhere.

Please make sure you read the Empire wiki, the FAQ and search the forum before asking a question as it’s quite possible it’s already been asked and answered.

Please post in the right area of the forum, for example if you want to sell or swap some kit use the Kit Trading forum.

If you spot someone breaking the rules please flag it for the moderators attention using the report this post button, it’s in the top right of each post. Don’t call them out for it on the forum, report it and let the moderators handle it.

Don’t post spam, that’s posting the same post more than once or posting unwanted advertisements. If you’re a trader please use the Traders forum to post about your wares.

Don’t post anything that’s illegal, racist, sexist, homophobic, pornographic, abusive or otherwise objectionable. This includes links to such material as well.

Don’t discuss moderator decisions on the forum, if you need clarification about a decision that’s affected you please contact the moderator who took that action by private message or email the moderation team at

If the moderation team has to remove a post from the forum or take other action we’ll either make a note in the thread or send you private message explaining why. Depending on the situation we may warn people who’ve broken the rules, suspend them either short or long term, or ban them permanently at our discretion.

We also reserve the right to remove any content or users from the forum for any reason not already covered by these rules.

Forum Specific Rules

New Players

If you’re a new player with your first question or comment or two then it’s worth mentioning that in your post. LRP is an unusual hobby that takes a bit of understanding but we’re all very friendly towards new players so it will help to make sure you get a helpful response.

If you see posts by new players here please take the time to answer their questions and point them to the relevant resources like the wiki if nobody else has.

Off Topic

If you run a LRP Game you can advertise here in the Off Topic forum and people can ask questions and discuss that game in the open thread on that event. This is an exception to the “please don’t discuss other LRP systems” rule we have. When you’ve got a new event to advertise start a new thread with the details and ask the mods to close the old thread using the report this post button.

Even though this forum is for things off topic in the main forums, please don’t start threads about real world religion or politics. These topics are somewhat flammable and we’d rather not spend all of our time having to moderate threads on these subjects.

Banned Topics

These are topics that have been argued to death previously, so to avoid continuing to beat a dead horse please don’t post them again. We’ll add topics to this list if necessary.

  1. Historical accuracy, as opposed to historical inspiration.
  2. Conversations specifically about other LRP systems, as opposed to about Empire. In our experience online conversations where people compare one LRP system to another tend to end badly so we want to avoid that here.
  3. Anything that covers old ground on kit/physrep standards; read this post from Matt before you post.
  4. Anything that we feel is an IC argument, that would be better held in the field, IC at an event. While it’s fine - even welcome - to discuss what controversies might exist, attempts to resolve IC conflict should be avoided. Read here for the rules about communicating outside of the game in general.