Freeborn Family of Basalido looking for members

The Family of Basalido is headed by Rahaz i Basalido i Erigo. It’s based in Segura and has experienced much turmoil over the past few decades. The Leader Rahaz is half Suranni and lived their till he escaped with his Freeborn mother back to Anduz after the armies retook it. She meet with many of her family who begun to move back into Segura. Many of the family have their own fleet.

The major focus of the family to make money and use their wealth to progress into the many positions of politics i.e for the elections of senators or bourse seats. The family have a treasury that they all contribute to that allows for a shared pool of wealth to achieve goals as outlined by the Dhomiro. They have a variety of roles within the group with a leader of religion, magic, military and political focus all taking their focus from the Dhomiro who funds them.

OC - the group should attempt never to have conflicts that end in violence but small internal rivalries are perfect for the ‘mercantile company’ feel of the group. Joining the group is fine IC as long as you’re willing to go through the IC oaths, contract, etc. Downtime joining is perfectly fine as well but there will need to be a discussion on who you are to the family and an introduction. There will also be a Discord and Facebook group for the Family where IC elements and backstory should be discussed.

The OC Admin is me, Samuel Jolly who plays Rahaz.

Any player is welcome provided they follow the spirit of the group. The group is relatively empty so there are many places for players.


While advertising online is fine and legit, I think you’ll have a better time finding members on the field or recruiting from people you already know or at least whose roleplaying style you’re familiar with. When joining an IC group, I look more at the players than the characters, and I think a lot of other players do as well. Good luck on building your family though. :slight_smile: