Freeborn Friday song requests

I’m off work today, so if you want a song from the Brass Coast* recorded** to help you learn it, request it here!

*Also considered are songs of a religious nature, Renata likes those.
**On my phone, so please don’t expect studio-recording standards!

(Songs currently recorded by me are up at Stream Laura Hoskison | Listen to Brass Coast playlist online for free on SoundCloud).
The Traded Price With Harmony
Virtue Drive Me On 1
We Will March To Victory (version 1)
The Voyage V2
I Will Follow You
We Zabala
But The Love We Shared Will Never Die
The Traded Price (2)
Lictor Song 3 Parts
Lictor Song
Virtue Never Falter2
I Can Hear The Freeborn Calling (single Verse)
I Can Hear The Freeborn Calling (repeated)
Burn On Through The Night
Sail Away Across The Sea
Little Sea
Lictor Song 2 Parts
We Zabala V2
Fire Maringo
Inez I Guerra
O Sweet Segura
Virtue Drive Me On 2
The Voyage To Atalaya


And Friday’s winner was Tomas, who had filked something based on recent events in Kahraman (

As it’s topical, rather than something off the wiki, I won’t post it up here but look forward to it hitting the field.

[EDIT: I say winner like there was some kind of competition; he was the only one who asked so he got my attention. :slight_smile: ]

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It will be Friday soon, and I might have a chance to record something!

Is there a song from the wiki you wished you knew how it went? Ask away!

Have you written a poem that you would like set to music? Drop me a line!

Are you making music? Share away!

Bane of Lasambria!

Along the road from Anduz, hard-set for Anozel
A growing tide of Freeborn from Anduzjasse did swell.
A frightened band of farmers fleeing a wall of knives,
Seek refuge from a tribe of orcs who seek to take their lives.

Now up comes hakima Anne. “Why then such haste?" says she.
“Now who is it pursuing, whose anger do you flee?
You are all of Anduz, why seek you Anozel?
Are kohan no protection? Do they not heed call of bell?"

“Oh, Anne, hakima Anne, we flee now for our lives,
Lasambrians would enslave us, at least those who survive
They burned our plains to cinders, tis why we are eastbound.
The kohan cannot heed as they lie dead upon the ground."

Now up speaks hakima Anne. “Anozel is not far-
But you’re all of the Empire, the last I checked you are,
Segura lies forgotten -abandoned by the Throne-
But dammed if I will see you left so helpless on your own!"

So forth goes hakima Anne, and onward does she stride,
On Iron Plains she waits then, her coven at her side.
With Lasambrians approaching, she calls out from on high,
“You shan’t pass, Lasambrian! Nay, I shall not let you by!"

Now only eight hakima stand blocking the orcs’ way
“Now who are you, fool nothing, that dares to tell me nay?"
Now up speaks hakima Anne her voice like brittle glass;
“The hakima called Anne - and 'tis I you shall not pass!"

Now there stands 40 raiders, behind them Anduz burns,
Their warlord clad in armour steps forth and takes his turn-
“So you think to oppose me? This place is not your land.
So heed me, hakima Anne; and now turn aside your hand."

“Let be; I’ll give you silver, and I shall give you gold,
And I shall give you jewels fair that sparkle bright and bold,
And I shall give you pearls, all the treasures of the sea,
If you will step aside here, leaving these poor fools to me."

“What need have I of silver? Our coins are steel here.
And all the gold I cherish is sunlight bright and clear.
The only jewels I treasure is a bright and shining star,
And I protect all helpless that I find in Segura"

“I’ll give you loyal servants, and woods of finest grain,
And I shall give you power, you’ll never see again,
And I shall give you mansions and I shall give you land,
If you will turn aside this day, aside and hold your hand."

“Loyalty held in bondage is Loyalty that’s lost.
And land and mansions blood-bought come too high at the cost.
The power I have already, we wield Winter’s blade
So turn you back, Lasambrian, if of me you’re afraid!"

The warlord draws his weapon, and points it to the sky,
“Prepare yourself, bold Freeborn, you all shall surely die!"
The warlord calls his minions, the minions he commands,
And Anne, hakima Anne, she raises her staff in her hands.

The warlord calls his minions, they prepare to attack.
And Anne invokes her magic, her staff all wreathed in black.
Her coven all beside her, she calls upon their pledge,
Yes Anne she stands defiant and unleashes the Graves Edge.

With Death itself descending now, the orcish force despairs
The Freeborn charge into the fold their staves all brought to bare.
They shatter steel and rupture flesh, the orcs feel Winter’s wrath.
For Anne she calls the Wasteland down, and smites them to the grass!

“Now I’ve shown you, Lasambrian, the power that you seek
Take your gold and silver home, your life I let you keep.
I am Bane of Lasambria, Segura I defend
Tell your masters ‘Turn around!’ unless they seek their end”


Or, Lola

Before I got to fighting, or when fighting got to me
I looked to find examples in corsairs who sailed the seas
And I saw mighty arms much stronger than my arms could ever be
So I thought perhaps that life was not for me

But still I stayed to hear their stories 'til one figure stood apart
Her spirit burned with Courage and her soul a work of art
And each blow was thrown with virtue and a lightness of the heart
So I took that step which soon became a start

Cause she was not the greatest fighter, but she did so capably
But I remember being proud that she was family
And though we’ll never sail together with our vessels side by side
Because of her, I lift my sword with Pride

She was avid and aspiring, the Armada’s architect
With a braver heart than many and whom many did respect
And I guess she’d once decided this was where she’d like to be
And I thought, if she could do it, why not me?

Cause she was not the greatest fighter…

So now I don my armour and I fight with newfound flair
I think about examples, how you act and what you dare
'Cause you never know who’s watching, or how far that story goes
Wherever Lola is, I hope she knows

Cause she was not the greatest fighter…

No, we’ll never sail together with our vessels side by side
Because of her, I lift my sword with Pride

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It’s got Anduz in it. Consider it on my To Do list. :smiley:

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Lola… do you have a particular attachment to that tune, by the way? I like your filk very much but I’m not sold on the tune.

I do quite like the tune, but you’ve created some amazing tunes before from just lyrics (I’m thinking of Traded Price), so I’m very happy for you to try something else.

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We’ve always got the original to fall back on if I come up blank. :slight_smile:


I have just ruined an IC letter by crying at Bane of Lasambria.
And I don’t regret it for a moment.


I’m so sorry/you’re welcome