FUNDED! - Empire Kickstarter - The Journey Deck

I have a thing to share.

I’ve just launched a Kickstarter aiming to create a card deck for the Empire Universe. The goal is to get something professionally made and readily available to the whole field, such that it is a common game element.
I’m working with Paul Duffield, Steph Morris and Chris Rowland, and we have the blessing of PD.

A HUGE amount of thought has gone into this and if you think its a worthwhile project I’d greatly appreciate your support.

If you have friends who might be interested, either within or outside of Empire, please please share and spread the world. This is an ambitious project and we can’t do it without you all.



Fantastic! You’re almost there already!

Holy crap! Thank you to the community for your support! Funded in less than 12 hours and still going!!


Awesome fingers crossed for an 80 card deck and then a Casino player event :smile:.


Backed, although do you think you should do an add on for a wooden box.

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That’d be really awesome

Really pleased at how well this is going. Well done Tony and the artists

Oh hey they’ve hit £6500 so they’ll be getting custom dice as a thing :slight_smile:


And they’re into the final 24hrs of the kickstarter now, last chance to pick up a deck :).

I’m annoyed that I missed this, back when the kickstarter was open.
Is there likely to be a way to get hold of a deck? (And maybe the dice?)

Yes! There is some print extras which I’ll be figuring out how to sell. Please swing by the Tavern on Tuesday and I may be able to help. I’m thinking about a second print run if there is enough interest, and i have a bunch of other plans!

Wonderful! Thank you!
Wait… Tuesday? Do you mean Thursday maybe, or…?

Yes. Thursday sorry!