Fur armour?

Hi all, new player here! I’ll be coming to E3 for my first larp ever as a navarr artisan/fighter, and as I’m planning to start putting together a costume soon I have some things I need to figure out. I want some light or ideally medium armour that would fit Navarr and is also relatively cheap as I’m paying a lot to get a shield crafted for me. I was suggested to look at fur armour as a cheaper alternative to leather but I’m not so clear on how this would work as armour - is fur armour usually fur reinforced with leather or hide, or can a garment made purely of faux fur (of the right thickness) count as armour in itself? any other recommendations for cheap navarr style armour is very welcome!! Our group comes from the far north in Hercynia (near wintermark) so I thought fur would be appropriate, but not sure how it works as armour.

Hi foxwater. Sadly the wiki is unavailable to back up the following assertion but I don’t think fur can be classed as armour (despite its RL stopping properties) and if it did it wouldn’t be more than light. Light to heavy leathers mixed with furs would look perfectly on brief for a Hercinian.

As for cheap armour solutions that’s a bit trickier.

Light armour is the easiest as clothing grade leather or faux leather is easy enough to source cheaply. Plus as it’s quite thin its easy to work with.

Jumping to medium or heavy leathers is more of a chore as armour grade hide isn’t cheap and required tools to work it.

You might want to looking into getting some cheap chainmail. Though it doesn’t compare to the UK crafter’s you can eBay a chainmail shirt for less than 50 quid (plus import tax). It can be a bit of a gamble as sometimes you get sent absolute crap but I’ve gotten lucky in the past.

Thiers also a few Facebook group’s where people post up thier second hand kit ( UK larp kit for example) you might find a bargain there.

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I believe that medium armour is made from light metals and certain plastics. Fur, if it was considered armour would only be considered light. I don’t think it would be considered as armour however.

I’m not sure how they treat fur but unless the hide is strengthened then I don’t think it would be so effective as armour. However in empire fur is really more of an accessory.

With the armour of navarr, leather is very popular. You do get some metal as well however but not much. Think slightly unconventional and less disciplined. They might get bits and pieces and use it as armour where as high guard would have professionally made armour that may even match their brothers’ and sisters’ armour.

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Fur would be perfectly acceptable as mage armour, since you could make armour-shaped pieces.

If you want cheap medium armour, the one thing I never have time to start on is a coat of plates.

I figured out a while back that you could easily make one out of a second-hand food barrel or bucket, especially if you had a power saw, Dremel, or drill saw bit.

It would be very easy to alter the curve with a heat gun or by warming in an oven, and if you rivet plastic plates to the back they won’t be visible IC. You could do the front out of canvas, upholtery leather or fake leather.

I have a fibreglass cuirass I got by subscribing to every re-enactor and larp trade group I could find on FB and looking for bargains.

I am also selling off an aluminium plate vest for £70. It looks like that but I’ve added ringmesh upper arm protection to it. It’s highly adjustable as you can loosen the laces or remove plates as needed. PM me if that’s of interest. Downside is it’s not exactly stealthy armour, it’s loud.


Thanks everyone for the help! I was told about fur armour by someone who’s been going to Empire for a few years, so I’m not sure what they meant by it if fur doesn’t normally count as armour, but these suggestions are great - I’ll have another look for some second hand armour.
I have a garment that I was thinking of using as a base for it, I’m not sure if it could still somehow work - it’s a vest with suede on the outside and fur on the inside. Could I make the suede appear strengthened somehow, or is it not really worth it and better to just try and find something secondhand?

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Armour doesn’t count as armour unless it looks like armour, rather than clothing. If you wanted to tailor it to look more “armour-y” then you could reinforce a few areas by sewing leather over the top, or hammering on a load of studs to give the impression of a brigandine. This picture is me in one of my early sets of larp armour. It’s a zip-front leather vest I got super cheap in the sales. I sliced the zip off, cut off pocket flaps and sewed them up, riveted on some straps and added decorative studs.


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Jim mentioned mage armour. If you become a battle mage then you have a large variety of options for materials to make your armour out of, just as long as it covers certain areas of the body. Of course it doesn’t give you protection from cleave or impale but it does give you a few extra hit points. I wouldn’t just become a battle mage for that however.