hello, getting a starter costume together, I’ve got the option of getting the mytholon Leopold Gambeson for a little cheaper, but worried the arms will restrict movement, does anyone have any ideas on this? … 499c90815b

thanks a lot

I do believe I have that gambeson, or at very least the same design, there is some slight restrict but not much, I feel comfortable in fighting with it on and have not noticed anymore restriction that wearing any other type of arming jacket or indeed armour. note I do wear it in combination with my chain.

fantastic, that is essentially my plan, i dont need amazing mobility, just the ability to swing my sword and move my shield, is the neck as upright as it looks or can it be settled a little? I don’t want my head to be forced upright for the duration of the weekend :slight_smile:

thanks a lot for the quick reply, appreciate it

I would suggest full arms personally. It costs very little extra and is a damn site more comfortable in the winter. Add in the fact the forest is full of brambles etc and it will make charging around the place more comfortable.

you can fold the neck down as you would with a shirt, in terms of getting the full arms I can’t help, I’ve got the elbow length version. but I am quite warm while wearing it.

Would separate arms do the trick? I’m hoping to buy from a shop nearby and they only stock this one

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I’ve got that kind of Gambeson with detachable arms and It’s comfortable in plate plus it’s always been warm on the battlefield, in fact the added bit of ventilation at the shoulders helps me from overheating.

That Mytholon Gambeson is Polycotton. You will cook in it.
For Arming Clothes, Linen is your friend.

mixed reviews, but their gambesons that I’ve seen seem OK,

If you fancy making one, then there is an invaluable guide by Marla Berry,
which can be downloaded here, (1.5mb)

I sew my own Gambesons, and use cotton Bath towelling in a linen shell. Works a treat.

I’ve got a Steel Mastery gambeson (this one) and it’s pretty great. I’d pick up any of their other models without hesitation.

My partner has the sleeveless version … 499c90815b - he would really recommend it, really good quality and obviously really cheap. I had to make my own cos I have this inconvenient girl body, but I would jump at one of these if I didn’t :wink:

I managed to get hold of one from GDFB, I tried it on and the sizing was ok but it just felt unbelievably stiff/restrictive, like it constantly wanted to bounce back into a T shape, is there anyway to remedy this or should it be taken back? I don’t want to keep it past the warranty period hoping it will loosen up, wondering if it’s safe to wash. has anyone else had experience like this?


Wear it and do active things in it; the stiffness should break down fairly quickly.

That was my initial thought, but it’s a very expensive item to let go out of return period, I think I’ll play it safe and try to find one at a kit fair

Very thick gambeson for larp too, the sleeveless one looks nice, good movement,

Thanks for everyone’s advice

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Padded jackets are always going to be stiff, as they are padded…

You’ll end up having to do what Nik said in the end, unless you buy a super cheap thin one.

Yeah, it took a while for mine to stop being so springy. I’d suggest washing it in cold water before wearing, it’ll soften it a little. Then just wear it. Put maille over the top. Run around, get sweaty. You’ll soon forget it’s on.

They do loosen up after a while.