This could sound odd, I am just curious if there is any ic gambling games during events, such as dice or something like that.

I’ve not seen any, but that’s not so surprising me being in Highguard :slight_smile:. If I had to guess I’d head on down to the Brass Coast or the Navarr camps to with something like Liar’s Dice and I’m pretty sure you’d get a good welcome.

Also I’m sure that someone was talking about making a set of custom playing cards for Empire at one point, can anyone remember if this was a real thing or not?

I’ve seen some dice based gambling in the Marches and the tavern.

There was a casino at the last event, in the League camp I believe.

There was a casino, the Synod were showing interest…

I’ll point out that gambling on contests and games of skill is generally considered moral, gambling on luck could be seen as un-virtuous.

I can think of reasons why gambling on pure luck can be Virtuous.
Prosperity: Prosperity is sharing the fruits of your successes with others, not hoarding them. So losing a bit of disposable income on gambling is virtuous, and winning is also virtuous because you have more money to use.
Ambition: OK, you’re more likely to lose than win in a casino based on just the odds but… “It is better, by far, to try and fail, than fail to try.” You tried.
Vigilance/Wisdom: “Hey, is this game rigged?” “Hm, I wonder what the odds are?”.

Once again, the religion game delivers :slight_smile:.

It can be justified on “yeah this is just a fun way to pass the time, I don’t claim it’s Virtuous and I don’t claim there’s any Big Sky Force that’s going to make me come out on top.”

That’ll get it through in most of the nations, but Highguard will still go “games of skill are better” because Highguard. :wink:

I had a look on the Wiki, Gambling on chance is something Highguard frown upon as unvirtuous, rather than the whole Empire. In fact in the League Bravo’s are well known to fritter away their money on games of chance when off duty and it is common for gamblers to replace either the number 1 or 6 on their dice with the rune Ull (the Rune of Chance).

That’s not to say that individuals from other cultures may not start to take on the Highguard way of thinking, and it’s not to say that Gambling is either virtuous or not, one culture may view it as such but that’s something for Roleplay.

The only other thing is among Imperial Orcs it’s considered taboo to bet on the outcomes of a Pit-fight (though I would reckon that wouldn’t stop those other than Orcs betting - might make interesting RP!) but that’s in regards to their slave past rather than because of some aversion to games of chance.

Personally, unless I am playing a Highguard then I wouldn’t give a monkeys.

I’ve made some (and am quite pleased with the designs) but cannot print them on sufficiently thick card for good playing… I’m looking at other options (though these seem more expensive than I can really justify at the moment sadly)