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I like making music videos in my head, trailers for books and settings for songs. Having been swept along by the Imperial battle Anthem a few too many times, I came up with this one.

Imperial Battle Hymn, the music video.
This is in the form of a scene or two in each line. The song goes from preparation for an Empire event, through to post battle stuff. Showcasing a small cast of characters, and the fun they’re having. Each line is being sung by the people in the scene.

Robert (well groomed and serious looking man in his thirties) Highguard
Dave and the lads (a group of slightly scruffy looking young men, friendly with each other, generally stomping about as a mob), Marchers
Brian (older man 40s or 50s, shock of greying red hair) Urizen
Felicity (young woman, early 20s, long dark hair) Dawn
Joanne (old woman, grey hair down to her shoulders, non-nonsense demeanor and piercing eyes) Wintermark

(unsure what you’d have as an instrumental for this. Drum, guitar and flute? Anyway, short instrumental lead-in…)

(Verse 1, preparation for Empire)
I am the spear that’s swift to strike in anger
Robert comes through front door of an ordinary house. He’s in a suit and tie. He undoes the tie.
I am the shield that turns all foes away
Felicity, dressed in jeans and t-shirt, lifts a kite shield with a bright blazon (silver chains on red) into shot on her arm. She dusts it off she tests the weight.
I am the walls raised high against the darkness
Dave et all loading stuff into the back of a minibus, passing in a BBQ, a couple of sleeping bags, a halberd….
Standing fast until the day.
Joanne, in a neat trouser suit and looking very dignified, sweeps something out of a closet and around her shoulders. It settles into an impressive cloak, with black-feathered mantle and ornate animalistic patterns in gold on dark red. Camera view drops as she does this so she ends up looming (and glaring) slightly at the camera.

(chorus 1, en-route to and setting up at Empire)
One voice, one people and one Empire
Dave et al, singing raucously in a packed minibus as they drive up a crowded motorway
One throne and one loyalty
Felicity (in a group of others), hiking along with a large rucksack, shield on the back, stops to look at a field of tents and white pavilions in the distance
One will to drive us ever onward
Robert, looking smart in a (Sons of Korus?) Highguard tabard, carefully puts on a leather headband with runes on it, checking himself in a car wing mirror
One glorious destiny!
Brian, in full Urizen robes on blue and white, steps out of his tent and dramatically spins a staff (with a knob on the end), grounding it on the beat

(verse 2, social stuff)
I am the iron quarried from the mountains
Joanne in her Kallevesi gear, seated by a fire trading coins and potions and ingots of mithril. She’s in a lean-to, and the sun is low.
Forged in fire till only steel remains
Felicity fighting a duel with sword and shield, in the glory square, as the sun goes down. She’s in a tabard to match her shield, but unarmoured.
I am the wind that gives the Empire breath and life
Brian leading a ritual in the glowing stones of the regio circle, sweeping his staff in a circle as others in similar robes hold candles aloft and join in on this line.
I am the quick blood in its veins.
Dave et al, singing in the tavern, in costume in greens and browns and floppy hats, tankards aloft on the beat.

(chorus 2 prep for battle)
One voice, one people and one Empire
In a large room, Brian leans forwards over the battle map and taps a point with several markers on it. He looks stern and is surrounded by other impressive looking figures.
One throne and one loyalty
Robert in his robes over leather armour, holding a bell up in one hand and with the other raised in benediction towards Felicity, who (singing in unison) is looking rather nervous in shining steel shoulderpads over chain, her tabard atop it.
One will to drive us ever onward
This line slightly muffled as Dave et al are in barbarian orc kit, waving around spiky gear, and pull their masks down as they sing.
One glorious destiny!
Joanne watches the marching ranks of Wintermark headed for the Sentinel gate, looking enthused as she waves them on with her tasselled and feathered staff.

(verse 3, battle)
I am the flame that burns inside the Empire’s heart
Felicity and Dawn advance singing across the battlefield
I am the earth’s great bones, steadfast and sure
Dave et al drop their pikes and raise their shields to receive the charge
I am the bonds that hold us fast in fellowship
Brian holds up his staff above his head, visually (and presumably magically) backing up the Urizeni in front of him, who surge forwards as one.
That forever will endure
Sung quietly, by Robert, slumped at the base of a tree while the Orcs close in.

(chorus 3 post battle stuff)
One voice, one people and one Empire
Joanne leads the song over the corpses of the fallen.
One throne and one loyalty
Felicity is in the Glory Square, and receives a (swords-high) salute from several Dawnish.
One will to drive us ever onward
Robert joins in with Dave et al in the same costume of greens/browns/floppy hats, as they march along with pikes shouldered, towards the Sentinel Gate.
One glorious destiny!
(sung by the cast in chorus) A rapid pull back shot, starting with a sunset, pulling back through the Sentinel Gate, and then back over the tent city of Anvil.

Thoughts? Opinions?


A poem of anvil

I have also been singing various songs at my small son while trying to get him to calm down/eat dinner. Filking occured rapidly. This is probably one for the Marchers, but everyone could have their own verses :slight_smile:

Marching for the Empire
(to the tune of “Riding on a donkey”)
(Marching and fighting in the chorus and last lines can be swapped round)

Were you ever at Anvil great,
Marching through the Stranger’s gate
Where the Senate decides your fate,
Marching for the Empire

Hey ho, away we go
Marching onward marching onward
Hey ho, away we go
fighting for the Empire

Were you up Semmerholm way,
Where the Dawnish shout hurray!
One more fool to fight today
Marching for the Empire


Where you there at Holberg town?
When the walls came tumbling down,
And the Druj came swarming round
Fighting for the Empire.


Were you in the Barrens wastes,
When the Black Wind orcs we faced
Glad to see the back of the place
Marching for the Empire


Were you up in Skarskind grim,
Spittle frozen on your chin?
Fight the Thule till we’re cold and thin,
Marching for the Empire!


Did you get lost in Navarr woods
Till we didn’t know where we stood
Guided out along the trods,
Marching for the Empire.


Were you in Seguara hot?
Where it’s cold and muddy… not!
And the sand makes your eyes bloodshot
Marching for the Empire


Were you in Lasambri-eh?
Where the orcs called out the fey?
And met us with caval-rey!
Fighting for the Empire


Were you ever in the West?
In the land that we know best,
Put the Jotun to the test…
Smash! Bang! Wallop! Send more Jotun!
Marching for the Empire!


Were you in the Hall of Worlds,
In a hundred magics curled
Chatting up this Herald girl
And thrown back to the Empire!


Back again to Anvil great,
Marching through the Strangers gate,
Where the Senate decides your fate
Fighting for the Empire!


(this is a marching song. Add extra verses as appropriate, as deeds and campaigns dictate. Like this one)

(first three lines sung slowly, last line loud and triumphant)

Where were you when High Chalcis fell?
And we broke the Druj in a muddy hell?
And Highguard rang their victory bells…
It’s Reikos for the Empire!


Were you with the Freeborn Fleet?
When the Armada we did meet?
They thrashed us twice but we’re still not beat,
Sailing for the Empire!


Were you at the Black Plateau?
What’s down there I don’t want to know!
Stab these Grendel up and go
Elsewhere in the Empire!



The first is a straight up movie trailer for Empire.

The second I love the words, turns out I don’t know the verse tune at all so my brain filled one in. :slight_smile:



Not enough :heart_eyes: for this



Here’s the original (ish, it’s a folk song/sea shanty) tune

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Sentinels Gate, A gate through which Sentinels March. A gift from Urizen to the empire



Stranger’s Gate. The Stranger is that Tentacled Eye constellation on the keystone. Also it scans better than Sentinel. But if you can find a way to make “Where the Military Council decides your fate” scan, I’ll be happy to change it.

Come on, did you expect a marching song to be accurate? :slight_smile:

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Um, no its not :slight_smile: the gate has on one side the lock and the key and on the other the Door and the Net/ the Web. At the top is the solo-star constellation of the Wanderer. None of these are called the Stranger.

And this is why most marching songs, such as the Urizeni ‘Black Plateau’, just call it the gate :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry, my error. I have muddled up the Stranger and the Wanderer. As well, too late now.

Sing us that Urizeni song?

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and please don’t let me put you off to badly.

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