Getting fit for the larp season


UPDATE, first gym session done, Work has free gym for employees which is fun, legs are dead but that’s expected.

Definitely going to continue and not let this be a January fad


That’s awesome! Don’t push too hard at first or you might get an injury. I had to book classes for a while when I started just to make me go. Good for you dude.


I cycle everywhere, so it’s more just doing the exercise is why I’m there, but I’m probably not going to touch weights for a while


I still don’t mess with weight. I have had a few things break over the years so am really careful. I feel like I’m ready to start maybe. Something about getting into a good swim or run get my mind into a great place. I feel like I should invest in a bike…


Shed the three kilos I’ve put on since E4 by better minding what I’m eating. Exercise, I started the year with a snotty head cold, so it’s only this week that I’ve finally got my energy back. I treadmill for 20-30 minutes with brisk walking, interspersed with running for 60-second intervals. I row on a machine for 10-15 minutes. I stationary bike for 20 minutes. I also bellydance for at least an hour (usually four hours) a week with some light yoga-work for 10 minutes before/afterwards. I do some weightlifting as well, but nothing impressive, because I’m back to weak.


Not going to try anything too outlandish. Mostly set a treadmill to random speed and hight shift it periodically. But done in the chainmail and gambi to add the weight and build the core muscles that carry it.


Firstly - thank you everybody. This thread persuaded me to do my first run of the year. It was slow, it was painful, but I completed my target distance. Endorphins have kicked in and I feel great. (Weird how your body does that when you punish it - definitely a case of Stockholm syndrome going on here).

Secondly - I find that LARP combat is 90% marching around getting into position/eyeballing the opposition and 10% (a) running for you life (b) chasing down stragglers or © going toe to toe/hammer and tongs with your enemy. Consequently the training I plan to do is 5 mins gentle jog followed by 1 minute sprint like my life depends on it (aka Fartlek - invented by Swedish masochists). Unfortunately this is not easy to do on a treadmill (YouTube can attest to that) so will have to brave the outdoors. It’s threads like this that will ensure I actually follow up on this grand plan :slight_smile:


Oh okay, I thought you were going to turn up with your weapon and try and fight while on the treadmill. What you are going to do makes more sense.


I believe that the endorphins are produced from the movement and I think more are produced when you do it in fresh air. You can produce them simply from walking, you just happened to push yourself which was what caused the pain. Don’t quote me on that but I believe that is what is going on.

I’ve braved the out doors for running a few times. I personally don’t like listening to music while doing it because I want to focus on my environment. As you are outside, you are more likely to trip or run into something than if you are on a treadmill. It is up to you but if you really want to stay safe you should be fully focused.

However when you are focused you will noticed that you get the odd comment from a group of children shouting out ‘why are you running’ because those kinds of children can only seem to use memes and don’t understand courtesy. You have to ignore those comments. If it makes you feel embarrassed then use that to push yourself further.

When I run, I do not stop until I’m out of sight of the people who see me start. This is so they don’t know how far I’ve run and can’t judge me if it is too short in their eyes.

If your beginning, it is going to be harder to get results from doing the five minute jog and then the one minute run without a bit more of a plan. The reason is, it is going to be a lot harder knowing how many times you should repeat it during the run. For example, you may only do it once where as deep down, if you had pushed yourself, you could have done two because as @DaveWinpenny was saying you will get that feeling that tells you to stop and if you don’t have a fixed plan, it will win more easily.

Before starting I suggest you either decide how many reps you will do or the distance you will go. What I sometimes like to do while walking home is follow the bus route. I usually have about a ten to twenty minute head start and I have to try and beat the bus to each bus stop. Over five miles, a twenty minute head start is very doable. The thing about the bus stops I they are a physical place and I know I can’t stop until I get to one.

I hope this helps and that I’m not putting you off.


As others have noted, if you do do some running around outside, try to vary the terrain a little. Empire is on level flat grass at BEST, and across broken ground with fallen trees and brambles at worst. See if you can do a few woodland trails, or at least somewhere that makes you pay attention to your footing.

Many an Imperial Hero has tripped and gone down through underestimating the terrain, and there’s a good reason why “he fell” is a synonym with death in battle…


I honestly think the most important thing is to get into a habit of doing SOMETHING rather than fixating on what you’re actually doing, light cardio is great if you do it every day, no good running in full clank twice before e1