Group Recruitment Thread 2018+


Admin Edit: Can we keep this thread for just for groups wanting players, if you’ve got any questions just click on their profile name to message the poster or use their contact details in the post. Cheers :slight_smile:

Due to many of the other lists being somewhat out of date, I thought I would set up this thread for groups to post there recruitment posts. A recommended format for said posts would be as such:

Name of group:
Type of group (Eg, traders, church,ect):
Group Info:
Group contact info:

For example, as my group is currently recruiting, ours would be

Name of group: The Church of The Little Mother
Nation: The League
Region: Sarvos
Type of group (Eg, traders, church,ect): Church
Group Info: The most famous League church is the Church of The Little Mother. Originally based in Sarvos, churches dedicated to the Little Mother, an Exemplar of Prosperity and the matron of children and orphans, are found in all League cities and in some parts of other Nations as well. The Little Mother takes in orphaned or abandoned children, ensuring that they receive a chance in life. Children are taught basic numeracy and literacy before being apprenticed to a master in the city. The Church sustains itself with donations, often made by former beneficiaries, and is well respected by the Imperial authorities and League people. It can also wield a surprising amount of political power, as many influential people owe their start in life to the priests of the Little Mother.

Lead by the Mother Bishop, no matter the gender, the position has been held by strong leaders, most notably the late Ynez di Caricomare, known as ‘the mother to many, helping guide people along their path’. She even held the position of Cardinal of Prosperity for a time, being a strong voice on the Counsil of Nine. Sadly however, Ynez and several others were cut down in the line of duty.

Lately however the church has seen a revival under it new mother bishop, Cesare Enzo Di Trivento, whom has been causing a stir thought the synod of late and looking to expand the group. Arebbela, a member of the church, is also beginning a hair and beauty salon that she plans to bring to anvil.

Group contact info:

Navarr Striding, Recruiting Now!
Attending alone, looking for groups?
Any Advice on Starting a Group as a Solo Player?

Name of Group: Oblivion’s Edge
Nation: Urizen
Type of Group: Changeling Marksmen, Battlemages and other Sentinels with a focus on Summer magic and observation of the Black Plateau (part of the Coven of Auric Horizon)

The deserted Spire of Oblivion’s Edge stands as close to the Black Plateau as it was safe to build a settlement. Created to watch over the Black Plateau, to monitor its dangers and its phenomena, Oblivion’s Edge was lost when Spiral fell some fifty years ago, and is now nothing but a ruin.

In a haze of Ambition and Pride, Cato of the Spire of Auric Horizon offered to move to Grendel-infested Spiral, to carefully rebuild Oblivion’s Edge into a Citadel surpassing its former glory. Plans include an observatory overseeing the Black Plateau and a new training ground for Sentinels and Mages alike to refine their battlefield arête, their Vigilance and their learning of magic.

Remaining a part of the Coven of Auric Horizon - and acting as a “sister Citadel” to the Spire of the same name - Oblivion’s Edge will be focused on Marksmanship and the realm of Summer, however the facilities created here will be open to all visiting Sentinels and Mages of the Empire.

All future Sentinels and Summer mages of Urizen are encouraged to join the Citadel and will always be offered hospitality as appropriate.

Group contact info:


Navarr Group: Leigheas

Small Striding - currently containing younger players, oldest being myself. We have an IC tent and maybe a table, I know fancy!
I don’t check the forums often so either email me at:
or join the Empire Discord which I admin:


Name of group: Tarw Striding
Nation: Navarr
Region: (recruits from all over)
Type of group (Eg, traders, church,ect): Mercenary Thornborne Striding.
Group Info: Compared to many steadings and stridings, the Navarr striding of Tarw are young. Formed in the heat of battle in Reikos by former elements of broken units, mercenaries, and desperate soldiers of many nations of the Empire, the striding has arisen from the mud of the field to seek a better life. Exactly what that better life is depends on the thorn asked, be it in loot, pleasure, drink, or a better future.
It was on the muddy, blood-drenched battlefields that the striding was formed, a collection of broken souls seeking hope, a future, or a fellow warrior to watch their backs. Many folk from all the corners of the Empire can be found in the striding of Tarw, be they once Varuskhan, Highborn, Dawnish or League: any Imperial without a home to call their own is welcome to travel with the striding as part of finding their place in the Dance.

More a Thornborn than a typical striding, the companions are unrelenting, and fierce in battle. Often the striding of Tarw take mercenary contracts to support their striding or other thorns economically, as they have no land with which to grow herbs, or gather resources, just sharpened blades and a will to wield them. A true striding, home is the open trod, unbound by the restrictions of house or hearth. The striding always looks to the future, forging their own path in the Dance no matter its bloody tune. When not on the field of battle, members of Tarw can be found acting as brokers, honing their skills, or chatting to their many extended friends or family across the Empire, building skilled networks of alliances, such as the Black Scar Thornborne, to reclaim lost Imperial territories.

OC info: A fairly established group, please do come along and say hi anytime or drop me an email


Name: Carta Bellamarina
Nation: League
Group Type: Guild - Trading and Military.
Group Background: Once one of the prominent guilds in Sarvos, focused mainly in maritime matters from fleets, ship building, sail making, rope making, chandlery, bottomry and insurance, based on the Caricomare. The catastrophic deluge which swept away the district did untold damage to the Guild and whilst it rebuilt its guild palace on piles sunk into the water where its original headquarters were once located, its importance in the League dwindled.

In recent years it has begun to blossom again, particularly with the rebuilding of the Caricomare district, and with a more diverse set of interests. Looking to gain ground in trade, political and military areas, it seeks to recruit mainly Sarvosans with an eye for opportunity, who are loyal and ambitious, and those as keen to turn a profit for the guild as to wage war.


Lone warrior in need of friends


Name of group: House Du Soleil
Nation: Dawn (astolat)
Type of group Noble House
Group Info:friendly, fun but role play well, a normal Dawnish house with roles for yeofolk available in all areas
Group contact info:

Im new to LARP and have a few questions about healers

Name of group: Oxenguard
Nation: Wintermark
Type of group (Eg, traders, church,ect): Hall
Group Info: Oxenguard is located in north Hahnmark, founded in 150YE. However, due to a many bad harvests, the once wealthy hall is bearly a hall anymore. With only a dozen or so houses and a few out lying farm houses, and The Monument, a Abbey like building which once held rituals and religious cerimonys has now fallen in to disrepair.
With this in mind the hall has chosen to come to Anvil with hope that with aiding the those in Anvil thay will bring prosperity back to their land.
Group contact info:


Name of group: The Four Rivers Theatre
Nation: League
Type of group: Theatre Troupe and coven (Night magic)
Group Info:
IC, essentially a long-established archetypal theatre troupe as described on the wiki:
The only oddity is that we travel from city to city, performing in the smaller towns along the way as well as in the main four cities of the League, sometimes even beyond.
The name refers to the travelling and to Dramaturgy’s use of the four rivers that flow into the Bay of Catazar:

Each event our top priority is to do at least one performance of at least one play. Sometimes we do significantly more performing than that, and there’s also music: the troupe members include “Maestro Niccolo, preeminent violinist”, and other musicians. Some of the best fun has come from short-notice commissions, for example the thing with the cranes (see the Sarvos page on the wiki).

Apart from the theatre/performance business, we’re also a coven specialising in rituals from the Night realm, and we’re involved to varying extents in Conclave shenanigans and other goings-on, depending on individual interests and the opportunities that come up… some things together, some things individually. We have good relations with various other groups in the League (and outside it).

We have a good-sized IC group tent to use as a base and for discussions and rehearsals, and for receiving visitors or hosting convivial gatherings.

We’re quite well-known at Anvil, having been at every event since the start of Empire.

OC, over the years players have left and joined the group, and we’re quite small at present. We’re open to the possibility of new members, depending on forming an impression of each other first so that we have a decent idea of whether we’ll all get on well.

A new member could be IC new to the troupe (perhaps negotiating joining IC during uptime) or could be a character who has been part of the troupe for ages but hasn’t come to Anvil before: we have always roleplayed that IC there are quite a few members who haven’t come along to events.

Group contact info: send me a private message here on the forum in the first instance, and then we can sort out something more convenient for proper conversation.


Name of group: Greyholm

Nation: Wintermark

Type of Group: Mixture of Stormcrows and Grimnirs with role play centered on the labyrinth and the dead.

Group info:
Hey guys i’m the thane of Greyholm. We’re a new hall in Wintermark with relatively new players. Greyholm is a loyalty :lann: based hall which attempts to inspire it’s members to follow all of the virtues. Greyholm’s members deal with life and death in Wintermark. Grimnirs maintaining lives and storm-crows shepherding the skeins until the deaths of Wintermarkers.
knowledge is deemed important and the lives and deaths of markers are recorded in the book of heroes, a large leather grimoire the members of Greyholm use to keep the stories and deads used to inspire scops.
Group Contact Info:
Track us down IC, we have close links with the bloodhands.
You can also contact me on here or skype username: Jackrevival


Name of group: Chapter of Basilisk’s Rest
Nation: Highguard
Type of group Archivists, scribes, fighters, open to options. Ambition/Pride/Vigilance fit best.
Group Info: Basilisk’s Rest sits on the shores of Highguard where a huge rock juts out of the Bay of Catazar. Legend has it that when Isora summoned the Basilisk from the Realm of Night, this rock is where it came to rest, turning to stone until the Empire needs it again. The Chapter is sworn to protect the stone basilisk until this time.
The fact that it only looks like a basilisk if you’re standing in the right place on the cliffs, with the right light, and squint a bit, isn’t relevant, right?
The group is currently just me, and I will be NPCing E1, so anyone who wants to play a PC in this Chapter, feel free to contact me! I’d love to see more people on the field! The Chapter colours are black primary, with flashes of teal and white. I have a Chapter symbol designed, and it will be digitised and available as embroidery.
Group contact info:, Xarra on the Discord, Clare Selley on Facebook


Name of group: Mægensteade

Nation: Wintermark

Type of Group: Hall with a religious focus.

Group info: Mægensteade is a hall based in Kallavesa founded after the secession of Skarsind. It has an especial concentration of Stormcrows, and is at the forefront of the development of inquisitive theology. We generally play synod politics (Two title holders in the group at present) and support and maintain the traditions and the brief of Wintermark. We are especially warm and open to new players, knowing full well how intimidating the religion brief can be. Characters with Congregations and religious skills are especially thematic, although any build is welcome. We fight as skirmishers, have several magician members, play some degree of the economic game, and are willing to support characters of any ambition (or who would like to find an ambition in play).

Group Contact Info:
OC: Feel free to drop me a message on here, or find me on Facebook as Anthony White (Searching the members list of the WM facebook group is probably the most certain way to find me).

IC: Speak to Aarne Ceorling or Gunnbrand Ironwill at ‘The Rookery’, a large 7m bell tent in the Wintermark camp where the stromcrow meetings are often held.


Name of group: Holsburger Haudegen.
Nation: League- Holburg
Type of group: Free Company with Traders and some Politicking.
Group Info: Mercenary Free Company with a reputation for professionalism. Known to be “Reassuringly Expensive” are keen players to the Holburg political scene.
We will welcome anyone, from people who just want company on the battle field, a shot at politics, traders or those who want to sign up for a year and a day. Home to the great Kaiser Sausage Factory.
Group contact info: PM Me and I shall pass detail along or find us at the “Slaughtered Fox Tavern” and ask for the Hauptman Otto von Holfried.


Name of group:
The Eagle’s Eye


Type of group (Eg, traders, church,ect):
We have a bit of everything, we have a sect, coven, chapter.

Group Info:
We are a small group looking to grow. We follow all virtues but mostly loyalty and wisdom. Our founder ‘The Blind Monk’ was said to see through the eyes of an eagle when fighting in order to become a superb swordsman (hence our name).
Our group wants to spread knowledge and can do so in many ways through magic, combat, trades and other forms.
Our group is lead by a young warrior Exarch by the name of Arecel Sandstorm who hopes to achieve the spread of knowledge and wisdom to all.
Our chapter colours are white, black, blue and silver. Our chapter logo is a black eagle on a black or blue background with a silver eye to symbolize the important of seeking the truth and seeing the infalse.

Group contact info:


Name of group: Stranger’s Song Steading
Nation: Navarr
Type of group (Eg, traders, church,ect): Steading, (a bit of everything)
Group contact info: send me a PM here on the forums, find me on Facebook: Richard Burden, or find Cadogan Stranger’s Song in Anvil (good luck, I move a lot)…

Group Info:
Key information (IC ish…):
-Stranger’s Song is a new Steading formed in the Miaren region.
-From all walks of life, the members of Stranger’s Song range from a farmer that ran from his Dawnish home, an Artificer with a traveling shop, Emhir and Aoife, Draughir siblings that run a wayhouse, and are considering joining the Anvil Militia, and myself, Cadogan, a young Vate that is rarely home, as the call of the sea is a stronger call than that of his adopted homeland.

-We seek new members, young and old, and welcome any of the Navarr to join us, whether they reside in Miaren or elsewhere, and whether it is their first summit in Anvil or they have been many times.

Key information (OC)
-we are a group of friends that have decided to take part in Empire together, we have some background written to our Steading, but ask a member and you might not get a straight answer…

-We welcome everyone, and all have our own interests, so you can find a little of everything with us

-We are new players, some of us looking forward to our second and third events, others in the group still eager for our first. We’re a friendly bunch, and would welcome other new players to join us, to enjoy a new experience together, and hopefully flatten out the learning curve, as well as players that have been to Empire a number of times, your wisdom would be appreciated!

-we are in the process of Starting an Alliance with the White Foxes Striding, in the hopes of collaboration in battle, on research and in magical rituals, preferred rates on trade, brokerage etc.also with the hope of starting a coven.

-We are starting a shared pool of resources, available to all members of the Steading, again at preferable rates, having an Artificer (or two) on side means that we can get access to magical items relatively easily, same goes for having magicians within the Steading, I plan on taking ritual magic going forward, probably Autumn, so there’s always options for ritual casting to be done at cost for members.

-Please note, that I’m only taking the role of leader because I happen to have set up the Steading through my account, we make major decisions as a collective, this will include use of group resources.

If you’re interested in joining, please send me a DM, message me through Facebook (Richard Burden), or find myself, (or get one of our other members to direct you to me), in field. We hope to have at least one of our current members on the field for every event.


Name of Group: Silver Cloud Striding
Nation: Navarr
Region: recruits from all over
Type of group: A bit of everything, open to all!

Group Info:
A newly formed striding for those who haven’t found or who are struggling to find their place in the dance. For those Navarri wanting to make a difference, who don’t feel their place is to stand shoulder to shoulder with the great names and stridings of the Navarr and the Empire, yet wish to make their mark and stand out in the great dance.

If you want a striding with people who really know the game then this is probably not the striding for you… but if you like the idea of a bunch of people trying to fudge their way through things, whilst creating new story, then this could be your place in the great dance… and we welcome you with open arms!
Come along to song and story time around the Navarr fire ball to hear how our striding came about…

Contact Info:


Name of group: The White Foxes

Nation: Navarr

Type of group: Striding- Battles and Trading

Group Info:
"Rengades! We Lawless and Loud!
We embrace another into our hall of wealth and warfare.
Here we are one, in health and in despair. Here we are one, 'neath shadows and sun.
Loyalty! Prosperity! Navarr and Empire!"

Crenshaw of Miaren, Captain of the Renegades (Deceased).
Carwen of Miaren, Treasurer, Lead Alchemist.

Current Leaders:
Carwen of Miaren, Treasurer, Lead Alchemist.
Kaddoc of Miaren, Brother of Crenshaw, Captain of the Renegades

The White Foxes Striding exists to generate shared material wealth between the members and to combat the enemies of the Empire. They keep their numbers small, to better facilitate travel and the beneficial exchange of goods amongst their group. The Thorns of this Striding, or ‘Renegades’, are the warrior core of this Striding, trained for guerrilla warfare, aiding other nations of the Empire and travelling long distances to reach their battlefields.

If you are interested in strengthening the bonds of friendship between Navarr and the other nations, making goods or coin, fighting epic battles or simply having some friends to drink and laugh with, then become a White-Fox today!

Group contact info:


name of group : winterborn of night
nation : wintermark
type of group : coven day/night mages
group info : founded in anvil a few years ago the winterborn of night is a coven open to all day and night mages of wintermark specialising firstly in divination magic from both the day and night realms. the coven boasts the first and current imperial seers in its membership.

the group is currently quite small but is very active in imperial politics within the shuttered lantern/conclave and military council via divinations done for the seer/mc.

contact :


Name of group: House Gideon
Nation: Dawn
Type of group: Noble House
Group Info:
House Gideon’s storied lineage dates back to the days before the Empire. Ruling over a demesne of old forests and rolling hills within the Weirsmoor from the family’s ancient seat of power, Godric’s Hold. This ancient fortified estate was granted to the family by Igraine, Queen of Roses for their aid as distinguished members of the southern border guard, serving as a bulwark against the raids and incursions into the Weirwater by the barbaric Druj within the Dawnguard fort of Drycastle.

House Gideon’s reputation, once strong, has eroded over time due to misfortune and war against the barbaric Druj to the east, losing many within the House to the ever aggressive Orc tribes. Now a mere vestige of ancient Dawnish military tradition, the once notable Gideon’s of the Weirsmoor have all but disappeared from the annals of Dawn and in large, the Empire. Traditionally finding their humble origins as a bloodline of soldiers, throughout the multitude of generations, many of those among the House have been inducted into the military division upon the frontier, providing their loyal aid to the Empire and the throne as distinguished members of Imperial Armies. This form of stalwart allegiance throughout the ages, had eventually culminated in the loss of wealth and manpower resulting in the current situation of House Gideon.

The family’s seat of power is nestled deep within the mountains which border Astolat and Semmerholm, to the south lie thick wild forests and to the north are towering mountains. The castle is crumbling and remains in a state of disrepair, though it remains an intimidating monument to the long gone past of House Gideon.

Now the two sons of the late Earl journey to Anvil in hopes of rebuilding the houses fortunes.

  • A newish group, started during 2017 E4.
  • Any and all players welcome, whether new or old.

The group is quite small, and currently serving as a banner house to house Soleil, but
we’re seeking to grow. The best method to contact us is by facebook, if any further information is required. Or just come find us IC.

Group contact info:


Name of group: The Holberg Merchants’ Guild (name TBC)
Nation: The League
Type of group (Eg, traders, church,ect): primarily traders & cicisbeos

Group Info:
IC: The newly elected prince of the guild, Basch has been convinced by childhood friend and longstanding guild bursar Giuliana to bring representatives to Anvil. While the guild grew insular and stale under previous leadership, Basch and Giuliana are keen to restore the guild’s name and position as a strong political influence.
OC: We are still firming up the concept at the moment, but we’re looking for ambitious traders looking to make a name for themselves at Anvil in any area. New and established players and characters welcome. We have a small (3m) bell tent and ideally would like to have at least one person at the camp at all times, as we will have a number of items for sale (so far we have an artisan/baker and an apothecary/jeweller in the group so will be offering quite a mix).

Group contact info:, or message me here on the forums (I have an essay due 21/06 so more info will be added later in the week)