Guild Hierarchy/Mechanics

Hello! I’m looking at forming a new guild and coming over to The League, and was wondering if anyone could provide general information on guild mechanics (wouldn’t want anyone giving away their secrets, of course). So questions (some of which may overlap):

Do guilds ever have more than one prince?
Does the prince tend to deal with the day to day running of the guild or would someone else take that role?
Is there a specific title for the Prince’s right hand man/woman?
What is the general hierarchy within the guild, beneath that?
Do guilds tend to have an initiation process, and are these ever done in the field (sort of like the Dawnish test of mettle)?
Would it be unusual for a guild to have multiple purposes (for example, a merchant guild that are also a fighting force (would this be considered a free company?) or members with a slightly different focus (eg a priest who tends to trade less because of their religious pursuits)?

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Hello and welcome the (IMHO) Best Nation. :rofl:

I will quickly answer you questions:

1, Can do. Tends to be 1 Prince but there is plenty of space for a consortium. I think the type of guild would make a difference. IE, my free company has one Hauptman( Captain) But a lot of the appointments and some serious decisions are put to a vote by the soldiery. Other groups could do something similar with share holders or similar.
2, May do. A good leader would know how to delegate though.
3, Could be, In Free Company’s the title is Signour. As in the one that signs their name, they have the authority to make contracts on the captains behalf. There could also be Financier, Chair, Dean ect depending on the background of the guild.
4, Not from what I have seen but there could be if the group has some Dawnish or maybe religious leaning (prove your virtue so to speak). In our group we have you walk through a halberd arch and sign on to the company for a year and a day. This is mostly a bit of pomp to signing on and to show that they are joining willingly.
5, Nope. That’s very much the norm. You may dress up your group one way or the other, but its quite natural that you would have fingers in different pies. Our Free Company is home to the Kaiser Sausage Factory, a group of business owners with political aspirations. And having diverse people in your group is just good business. Different thinking and different interests just help. Being an expert in a field is also good advice for the game as it can get you into RP easier.

The main thrust is that guilds are looser organised than noble houses or highguard chapters. People come to guilds to better themselves and the guild, and most guilds tend to be some kind of institution or collection of them. A newspaper, Butchers, Free Companies, Acting troupe ect ect.
Hope this helps.


Brilliant, thank you!

I shan’t say much, because Mr_Haystacks has covered it already, but

“What is the general hierarchy within the guild, beneath that?”
That’s totally up to you to decide for your specific guild/carta/camorra/church/free-company/troupe/whatever.

Initiation process? Well, the group might include or comprise a game-mechanical band of people: a religious sect, magical coven or military banner (or more than one). The standard spell for bonding people into a band allows for some nice roleplay: swearing the band oath is part of it.


I have never heard of a guild having an initiation process but I think it’s a really cool idea.

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