Halls of Wintermark

Greetings one and all.

I was originally looking to contact the leader of a specific hall, whom I met at the Winter Solstice, to ascertain the rules on becoming a member.
However, thinking a little less selfishly, I thought I would see if a list of all Halls could be produced in this thread (or elsewhere if its more appropriate).

The Ask: I am hoping that the heads of each of the halls of Wintermark or a knowledgeable representative would perhaps consent to and provide a little
information on their hall. This could simply be a high level introduction (E.g. Name, Region, Rules, Members and General goals (no spoilers)) or a
more in-depth description covering the aforementioned points and whatever additional information you feel is pertinent.

The Reason: Being new to Empire and LARP in general, I spent the first part of the Winter Solstice very much wandering around trying to find my feet (no pun intended). Unfortunately I kept missing the Egragore and found it difficult to integrate with the many groups around the site as they all seemed to know what they were doing, where they were going and wasted no time in getting there. Plus unnecessary travel and gathering was hampered slightly by the not inconsiderable mud. I did finally find one of the Egragores who was extremely helpful with the overall gist of what was going on and when.

This was a great start but still my friend and I were alone amongst a sea of strangers. As a slightly reserved individual (IC and OOC) it took quite some time to integrate, time wasted in my opinion.

To that end, I thought a list of Halls would be useful to many “new players” and perhaps some old who were looking for a solid start or a change of scenery. At least it would give us an IC touch point once we have landed.

I would be happy to compile a solid list and keep it up to date once a few groups have responded.

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If people could post that here that would be a great resource for new players and for groups in Wintermark who are looking for new members. Cheers for starting this.

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The Hunters of The Mark

Between 10 and 20 at each Season.

We have a Giant Thane. Many artisans- I am the Scop of the Hunters; a heavy burden of mine to fill someone else’s much bigger shoes.

Our camp will welcome all brave and courageous, magic, priest or warrior. We often have many other groups around our fire and you will usually find at least one of us around there too.

My red tent will usually mark where our camp is.

As will our banner

A gold Phoenix rising up beneath the majestic runes of summer.

Come and have a chat.

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Copy-pasted from the Wintermark FB group;

Holt Hyrde
Contact: Sjbonnar
Description: Holt Hyrde (Holt-hee-r’dd)
Guardians of the Holt.The term Holt stems back from the earliest days of the Kalavessi. It originally referred to a small copse of trees ideal as a place to lay camp. Over time it variously became known as a word for home, house, hall of lords, and the place close to my heart that I consider my home. It has also often been used symbolically to represent the kingdom of Wintermark. We are the Holt Hyrde, the protectors of the borders of Wintermark. We seek not glory, though lead others into glory. We seek not fame, though the names of others will be sung because of us. We seek not victory, though the Wintermark will see glory through our actions. We watch over the dark places beyond our homes, walk among the long shadows that threaten to reach out and take our precious lands from us. We learn of the ways of our enemies and seek to understand them, for through knowledge comes victory. We count among our people the wise, the thoughtful and the considered. The hunter, the mystic, and the craftsman. We task ourselves with guiding the stories of the great heroes of Wintermark. We take care in ensuring that their tales run longer then they otherwise might. We take pride that their songs ring with rousing choruses of victory. We take satisfaction in the splintering of the bones of our foes beneath their boots.We are the Holt Hyrde, the protectors of the borders of Wintermark.
Based: All over, wanderers and travellers of the borders with members from various parts of the mark.
How to join: If you are interested, private message me. We have a facebook group which you will then be accepted to which can be found here facebook.com/groups/137195013096217 In the field, look for the green banners bearing the three rings with three trees growing out of them. For that is the Holt Hyrde.

The Travelling Hall of Toki.
Based in Hahnmark, on the outskirts of Kalpaheim, where the ailing Thane Toki resides; “acting” Thane is often myself, Kjellfrid Tokling. The Hall often runs The Three Rings tavern (when our brewers can attend!), which is run by Laki and/or Wulfric Tokisson (so if it’s about the bar, they’re Thane really XD). Members usually hail from Thane Toki’s Hall, deciding themselves to assist the Travelling Hall “offshoot” that attends Anvil [thus recruitment is usually handled OOC], but this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule.
There are nine members of the Hall at the moment, by my reckoning, who attend Anvil with varying degrees of regularity; we’re often quite a small presence (though seem larger when we bring the tavern!).

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