Healers of Dawn!

This is a copy of a post from the Dawn facebook page in case anyone here is not on there:

Healers of Dawn (physics, magical healers, chirurgeons, apothecaries)! I need you!
Hey, physrep of Ruse Myriad here. I’ve recently earned the title of Hospital Representative for Dawn (thank you Nanieve Orzel for the fab rp around that) and I’m thinking of changes. So if you are, or know, a healer of Dawn in any capacity could you drop me a message or make yourself known in some description of a bit of IC mail please.
Thank you all for a great event!

I realise ybis post is old but im bringing a healer to E2 2020 and i am from dawn :slight_smile:

If you want some Ic mail and this is still going lemme know