Help Identifying Costume

Hi Everyone!

I was recently given this costume (Imgur: The magic of the Internet) by a work colleague who said it belonged to a friend who has unfortunately passed away. I might end up working a few pieces of it into my kit but I just wondered if anyone recognised it as a particular historical outfit or LARP faction? It’s screaming Egyptian/Mayan to me but I can’t seem to find any reference showing it?

Hi there, welcome along…

…that… is a new costume for me. I cannot think of any Empire nation that fits in. It could well be from an Egyptian themed faction in Maelstrom or Lorien Trust…?

You could possibly use some elements of it in the Brass Coast at Empire?

But that’s an unusual one…

Well done!

Looks Babylonian or Assyrian to me.

The hat and patterns feel Phoenician, though the gorget less so. Whatever it is, it’s definitely taken some liberties - none of the cultures we’ve guessed tended towards close-fitting full-length sleeves. I suspect it’s not a particular historical outfit, more “inspired by” a range of things that were then put together in a way that worked for what they wanted.

Empire wise I reckon the tunic, belt and collar could be part of a Brass Coast outfit alongside some other bright coloured stuff.

But weirdly I think it might fit the Sumaah NPC costume brief :slight_smile:

That hat is a find, treasure it because it’s time will come :fist: :grin: