Help? Looking for potential group/s to join

Hi, i am starting a new character in the Brass coast and am looking for a group (Banner and/or Sect) to potentially join. The original plan was to start my own, but one friend has moved Urizen and the other not coming to E1. So, now I have an IC 3m bell tent to my self (although the Urizen friend will be staying with me in it) and only one person, being my self to my group. Anyone got any suggestions, ill be playing a priest (new to the priest game)/ a fighter (though im not claiming to be anything amazing in combat). My other option is go for the 1 man group which is a Banner and join a sect, in which case ill still be looking for a group!

Well, welcome to empire. I recommend you check out the brass coast facebook, I’m sure there will be some new players and you may still be able to make that group. If that doesn’t work out you should be able to find a group.

You don’t actually have to be part of a group at the start, it will be my fourth event and I still don’t have a group. I still get to interact with everyone. The good thing about a group is it gives you a place to sit by the fire at night however you have that already. Basically, if you can’t find anyone, don’t feel worried, you can find people at E1 to join for next time.

I recommend contacting PD about putting your tent somewhere in the ‘In Character Area’ and tell them that you aren’t sure if you will have a group or not. If you don’t get a group then you will need some space to set up.

If you have any questions about the brass coast, feel free to ask them.

Thanks for the advice! however, iv actually been attending since E2 last year (still very much a noob though). This whole group ordeal has just come about since this is my first time sleeping with an IC tent, and like you say, i am aware of the whole camp planing so iv already made a group on the camp plan doc so i will have an area for my tent. i wrote this post as more of a way to find a group who can help a newbie priest/combatant out!

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Ah, okay, sorry about that. I think your best bet would be the facebook group however you might find something on the unofficial discord server if you don’t have facebook. There are also various people around the field who would be happy to teach you about fighting.

I’ve monstered before so I have a bit of an idea about what goes on. I found it was a good way to get started with combat without having to have my character ready for it. The priest stuff is a bit more personal. There is no right or wrong way of doing it. Which virtue are you dedicated to? What kind of stuff do you do as a priest? I may have some insight into it but I can’t promise anything.

Good luck with finding a group.

No worries, i appreciate the help nonetheless! well i fought in battle at E4 last year and died hence the new character. So some training wouldn’t go a miss. Priest stuff im thinking ambition. I just think maybe having a few generous souls who would be willing to help me if i dont quite understand say, how to vote for an example. As you have said the groups arent necessary but i thought it would be worth a shot asking, incase i am able to find some people willing to help! if nothing comes of it i can always try on the field!

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Yeah. For voting, you need to have a congregation. In synod, you will sit with the other people who are dedicated to your virtue and I believe you can raise points and things like that and then vote on various things. There will probably be a system that limits who can say something like in conclave but other than that I don’t know. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

well come to the best nation.
I have no real input into thsi apart from everyone is super freindly in the coast slow your likey to find lots of people will to help.

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There’s a list of groups on the Brass Coast Facebook page with a fair few of them on - might give you an idea of what’s out there before you hit the field :slight_smile:

New BC member here too! New to Empire and LARP but already love the BC history and way, I’m coming alone and interested to meet some other people and see some friendly faces when I get there in April!

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Welcome along Tehos, to the hobby, the game, the forums and the Brass Coast! :smiley:

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