Help me come up with cool/silly phrases about the nations!

I recently made some ‘retro’ sticker designs based around the different nations, and I have some plans to sell them via something like Redbubble. I only really have contact with fellow Navarri players, and I thought it would be nice to get some input from people playing other nations on good phrases to use for these.
If you have any phrases you think would fit better than what I have here, or something about the designs seems inaccurate, please let me know!

As a bonus, it would be pretty funny to have an alternate set with joke lines or stereotypes about the nations, so if you have any suggestions for those then I am all ears for that as well!

Thanks for any help!


Those are really lovely! Definitely like the Highborn one (best nation!)

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You could do some for the Virtues as well, Ambition Inspires and all that :slight_smile:.

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Definitely! Considering doing some stickers for Navarri archetypes too, but that is definitely just favouritism on my part :green_heart:

I do definitely want to make sure I get these ones 100% done first before I start any new sets though, and especially for the versions with joke text I need help with funny phrases! Currently set on Crayon Faced Murder Monkeys with the Navarr one, but I don’t know enough about the other nations to pinpoint what a good phrase would be for them.



Dawn: No Fear. No Shame. No Regrets. No Indoor Voice

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Highguard: Smells like heresy.

Or “Come for the inquisition, stay for the heretics”

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Highguard “For Virtue’s Sake!”

(The facepalm is implied)

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League, “Everything is virtuous, if you’re ambitious enough”

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Varushka: “Don’t ask what’s in the pie”


I love these! They look like beer pump clips, you’d do good business with the sellers who brew their own IC booze.


I would honestly love to collaborate with people who already make/sell stuff for empire, RedBubble artist’s margins are not great, plus would be fun to make more stuff than just stickers and maybe selling it at events, not just online.
But also, I don’t know anyone like that, and don’t know where or how I would start contacting someone about it. So if anyone has any suggestions, hit me up!

Try the Empire maker’s groups on Facebook (on mobile, can’t link, sorry)